No-fault law New York promotes health and productivity

Accidents are unfortunate incidents which are often not planned for or intended. However, it is common for people to get involved in accidents, especially on the road. For this reason, certain measures need to be put in place to ensure of the well being of those involved in accidents. These measures may include the services […]

About New York No Fault Law

The New York no-fault law is one of the best laws in the New York states. The law, as the name suggest, advocates for compensation when an automobile accident has occurred regardless of who the blame is directed to. The people who are eligible to benefit under the law include the drivers of the vehicles […]

How no-fault insurance law New York works?

No fault insurance law New York operates under a common fault based system. Insurance organization makes payments according to each individual’s degree of fault in a specific motor vehicle accident. But expensive and long court fights are always needed to determine who is at fault in most of the accidents. In trying to lessen this […]

New York no-fault auto insurance.

  New York No-Fault law stipulates that each and every motorist must have a policy that covers injury protection. This enables every person that may get injured in a vehicle accident to get compensation regardless of who was at fault. This helps all accident victims to be reimbursed whenever involved in an accident. This policy […]

The New York No-Fault Insurance Law.

  Whenever a person suffers a car accident, most people count on the insurance firm that covers them to compensate them by paying for the medical bills or the repairs of the car. However that is not always the case as some insurance firms tend to dupe their clients on the basis that they were […]

Understanding the New York State No Fault Law

The New York state no fault law was enacted to lower the extraordinary cost of the lawsuits over accidents while swiftly making payments for the injured. The law states that the insurance company of the victim will pay for the claim and the perpetrator’s insurance company will also pay for it but they compensate it […]