New York Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

New York Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

How Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Help

Twelve-thousand Americans suffer some type of serious spinal cord injury every year. The majority of these victims are young and male, but it can happen to anybody. The effects range from minor, short-term symptoms to complete paralysis and even death. Most spinal cord injuries result from trauma, especially automobile accidents and sporting activities. Even a suspicion of spinal damage is an emergency and prompt medical attention is critical. This is because the greatest damage often comes not from the injury itself, but from the body’s reaction to it. For instance, swelling usually accompanies these injuries, and this same swelling can cause paralysis, sometimes temporarily, other times permanently.

Catastrophic consequences beyond the physical damage include loss of income from work and exhausted assets. With the help of a spinal injury lawyer, much of this worry is avoidable. Seeking immediate legal counsel after an injury, whether it be the victim or their family, is vital. There are several reasons for urgency. To be most effective, accident lawyers need information to determine who is responsible for the injury. The fresher that information is, the better they can act on behalf of the victim. Evidence of responsibility is far more reliable when the scene of the accident is photographed and witness information gathered.

Once retained, a good spinal cord injury lawyer like Tanya Gendelman, Esq., is an instant and powerful advocate. Armed with extensive experience and knowledge about medical and insurance providers, treatments and therapies, their clients receive better medical care and more help in all sorts of ways, especially economic. For example, they are well versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that outlines extensive protections and rights for disabled people. Assistance from public and community services are more thoroughly accessed with the guidance of these knowledgeable advocates.

Often, justice is ensured not only for the victim but also for society as a whole. Rendering dangerous intersections safer, plugging loopholes in the law, and causing employers and the like to take safety more seriously are just a few examples of how a spinal cord injury attorney helps on a macro level. Each case gives them the opportunity to make this kind of impact. More importantly, however, is the dramatic change in course they cause for victims who feel lost and adrift in a sea of painful confusion. Accumulated experience with injury and disability law make them a formidable foe to those who would stand in the way of justice.

Why the spinal Cord Injury Lawyer is very crucial for you

Traumatic brain and spinal injuries are in most cases permanent, life-changing and affect the lives of victims and their families. These injuries whether lasting paralysis or not, are often due to people’s fault, whether through surgical error, train or subway accident, birth injury, motorcycle or truck collision, slip and fall accidents, machinery failures, defective products, gunshots or chemical exposures.

Every year, over 8,000 new spinal cord injuries are reported in the USA. Spinal cord injuries mostly affect men between 16 and 30 years. Over 450,000 Americans live with spinal cord injuries. Injuries to the back (lumbar spine) or to the neck (cervical spine) can cause severe damage to the spinal cord leading to permanent and catastrophic injuries.

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves running through the backbone. This network usually transmits sensation and controls the body movement. Damage to it can result in permanent paralysis. Damage to the spinal cord may be a partial or complete tear or simply bruise (or contusion). A mild bruise may lead to the temporary loss of a given function below the injury site. A severe spinal cord injury can cause a complete and permanent loss of movement and sensation below the injury site.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury and it is due to someone’s fault, you need to find a spinal cord injury lawyer to help you file a case against the guilty party or individual. Given that many people with fatal spinal injuries experience quadriplegia or paraplegia, the looming medical costs will be very high and you have no option but to seek for compensation to cover the bills. Due to the high medical expenses, the future salary loss, pain, and suffering, there are numerous claims for spinal cord injuries. These claims call for professional presentation especially by an attorney who has the skills determining and trying personal injury claims in a court of law.

Factors that your spinal cord injury lawyer need to consider

The moment you are looking for spinal cord injury lawyer to handle your personal injury claim, it is recommended you understand fully the various claims that your attorney can claim for you. These include pain and suffering claims. Many people talk to a spinal cord injury lawyer for compensation due to pain and suffering. However, in some districts, there is a limitation on this part of compensation. For example, in some states, one cannot get compensation of more than $326,000 for suffering and pain. As result, in such places, pain and suffering will not constitute the largest amount of your compensation.

Past lost paychecks, if put up appropriately can be a considerable chunk of your claim. Usually lost wages or salaries are not that difficult to calculate; the amount of salary lost till the decision date on the account of your spinal cord injuries, and time in a hospital. Besides, your spinal cord injury lawyer must take in, where applicable, your pension loss estimate. Aspects such as pay increase and commission must also be well calculated. For this matter, many lawyers will require experts to do these computations as an evidence for these claims.

Your lawyer must also consider lost future paychecks. In fact, this can constitute a considerable amount of your claim. Your attorney must seek help from specialists in that field to help in calculating your lost future paychecks. Permanently injured victims will need massive future health and other care expenses. Additional expenses will take account of home care, housing, vehicles and another associated cost.


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