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About WeSettle New York Personal Injury Attorney

About WeSettle

We Have One Goal, and that is to Help You Win Your Rightful Compensation

WeSettle was established with the goal of helping victims of accidents or injuries that occurred due to someone else’s fault. We are a group of qualified and prolific personal injury lawyers, helping you claim your much-deserved reimbursements. Our clients are at the forefront of all our values and operations.

We understand that after any mishap, accident or personal injury, our clients are in a deeply vulnerable state. Their focus should only be on their healing and not on dealing with a lawsuit or fighting for their rights.

It is for that reason that we are fully committed to bringing you favourable results. For us, the real win is when you have won your right legal amount of compensation. For us, every client matters, and we are ready to fight for your rights through any legal means necessary. We take suitable time to review your case, accommodate your needs and help you win your compensation.


Our mission

Our mission at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. is to provide each client with a dedicated, personalized professional service. We understand that you might need our services based on an accident that might not be entirely your fault. Henceforth our lawyers will handle your case with sensitivity and intelligence.

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Our Background

For years, the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. with its skilled accident attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, has provided its clients with steadfast support and service. Our clients have always been and will continue to be, the hallmark of our firm. With your interests in mind, we will seek to rapidly and efficiently resolve the anxiety and uncertainty of charges having been filed against you. Our lawyers whether he is an accident attorney or just another sharp, tough-as-nails lawyer, will assist you in trying to resolve a case without a trial.

Our Team

Tanya Gendelman is a highly experienced New York personal injury attorney experienced in civil tort litigation. Her areas of expertise include automobile and other motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, workplace accidents, and medical malpractices, as well as many other areas of practice.

Tanya Gendelman, along with her exceptional team of lawyers, has been providing unmatched services to all her clients for more than 25 years. She has helped her clients win several million dollars as their rightful compensation during her tenure.

Tanya and her team of personal injury attorneys are rightfully equipped and skilled to deal with large insurance companies and major corporations. They have fought and won countless cases for her clients and helped them claim compensation.


Why Choose WeSettle

Over Two Decades of Experience

We have a qualified team of injury lawyers who have been helping clients for more than two decades. Our professionals are experienced in nearly all types of cases and circumstances. No matter what kind of case you have, we can handle it.

Required Legal Expertise

We are both skilled and properly equipped to deal with large insurance companies and corporations. We understand that a few corporations will want to offer you lowball offers and be done with the matter. However, we fight for the right compensation amount.

Our Values

As an established legal organization, we adhere to a special code of conduct that allows us to deliver the best service possible to our clients.

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Communication is one of our most essential values. We communicate everything to you and ensure that your side of the story is rightfully communicated to the court.

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We understand that the phase immediately after any injury or accident is a vulnerable phase. Fighting for your compensation will be the least of your worries in case of a serious accident. Our professional personal injury lawyers are trained to handle your case while taking into regard all your concerns and complaints while offering essential support.


Professional Service

All our clients are our respected prospects. Regardless of the nature of your case, or your compensation, our personal injury lawyers will put as much effort as they can into your case, just like they would in any other case.

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Our personal injury attorneys in Brooklyn offer a free initial consultation to all new clients, where you can get your questions answered without obligation.