New York Personal Injury Attorney

New York Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyers Make Sure the Law Works

When involved in an accident where they suffer serious personal injury, one of the last things most people consider is how fair an insurance company will be to them. After the initial shock from the accident wears off, they placidly wait for an insurance adjuster to give them a call. If and when they ever do get that call, a new shock descends on them as they try to figure out how the paltry compensation paid will cover the medical bills and replace the income lost from being out of work. This kind of bleak scenario does not have to happen.

One consolation is they aren’t alone in misunderstanding the value of having a lawyer on their side. Even if a banner was flown over the city every day of the year, it’s impossible to get the message to every New Yorker on just how critical a personal injury attorney can be if they are ever hurt in an accident. Some will see the banner but believe an accident will never happen to them, while others ignore it completely. A few may look up and foolishly buy into all the stereotypes and silly jokes about lawyers. Some have been involved in an accident and regret not hiring a lawyer when they should have. Many aren’t even sure when it’s appropriate to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Fortunately, there are answers to that question. If a person is injured in any kind of accident through no fault of their own then, unless their injuries are minor, they should consider contacting one of the many New York City personal injury law firms. Among these, the Law Firm of Tanya Gendelman, P.C. is highly experienced and aggressive on behalf of their clients. With such a high-caliber personal injury lawyer on their side, an accident victim is far more likely to receive fair and just compensation for their injuries. It is vitally important to know that the sooner a lawyer is retained, the better the chances are of success in obtaining justice.

There are so many personal injury law firms in New York City it can be a serious challenge trying to decide which one to call on. One of the best methods is to talk with people who have had a positive experience with a personal injury law firm. Another is simply to select several that might be a good fit and seem to have an excellent record of accomplishment. Then, meeting with these lawyers and making a decision based on their record should yield positive results. It’s also important to retain an attorney who appears trustworthy, is easy to work with and who projects a positive attitude. This is the kind of lawyer who will ensure the law works as it was intended.


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