New York Crane Accident Attorney

New York Crane Accident Attorney

Crane accidents are responsible for injuries to workers on construction sites and to innocent bystanders who happen to be in the proximity of a crane when a mishap occurs. There are several places where training and certification for crane operators and crane experts are received. These include Crane Institute Certification (CIC) OSHA, the Crane Inspection and Service Bureau and the National Certification for Crane Operators. All persons operating, owning, inspecting, selling or leasing this equipment must have one form of certification or another from one or more of these organizations.

New York City Tower Crane Accident Attorney

The crane industry is basically divided into two different groups; tower cranes and mobile cranes. Tower cranes are those huge mechanisms that are familiar on large commercial construction sites and in seaports. They are made up of a towering mast and a large arm. There are an operators cab and a trolley that travels along the jib (arm) that moves the load horizontally. A slewing unit located between the arm and mast allows for rotation. Tower cranes have been the cause of over 1000 accidents in locations around the world since the millennium and have caused over 750 deaths. When the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman are called to handle a crane accident case it is more often a tower crane that dropped materials or misguided them into people.

Mobile cranes are those which we see holding up traffic on their way to a construction site. They vary in size from small telescoping boom cranes to tall lattice arm and jib cranes. It is the tall crane with the small cab that most people associate with crane accidents because when they topple over the results can be catastrophic and are shown all over the news reports on TV. The telescoping cranes are actually responsible for more frequent accidents but they are rarely newsworthy. It is, however, the large tower cranes that lift everything from steel girders to freight containers that cause the most serious accidents.

Crane Accidents Require a New York Construction Attorney

If you or someone near and dear to you have been injured or someone close has lost their life due to a crane accident call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman right away. Our New York Construction Attorneys will investigate the case to determine who was at fault and if there were any inspection warnings or failures. We will even bring in a certified crane expert to aid in the investigation and testify as an expert witness. Call our offices today and we will provide a free consultation to evaluate your case. We also handle all other types of construction and workplace accidents. You need a professional attorney working for you to get you the award to which you are entitled

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