New York Railroad Crossing Injury Attorney

New York Railroad Crossing Injury Attorney

At the law offices of Tanya Gendelman, we have been representing New York residents in every type of personal injury or accident case. One of those areas is a railroad-crossing accident. As New York railroad crossing attorneys we realize the railway companies must be held accountable for some of the most horrific accidents that occur at crossings, These accidents almost always involve serious injury and death, Sometimes entire families are riding in a car when it is struck by a train. The cause is not always the fault of the driver.

As railroad accident attorneys we will find the facts

The railway companies will almost always put the blame of railroad crossing accidents on the driver of the car for trying to beat the train, not paying attention or using poor judgment by stopping on the tracks. As railroad accident attorneys we will launch an immediate investigation to gather evidence while the case is still fresh and facts have not been obscured. We will immediately check the adequacy of warning lights and bells and the weather conditions at the time, whether crossing gates were in place and working properly and interview witnesses.

Railroad crossing accidents are more common than you may think

To get a railroad crossing gate installed is, unfortunately, difficult. It is a number of deaths and injuries at a particular crossing that is the factor used to make that decision. That is why there are approximately 6000 railroad crossing accidents in the US each year, most of which involve serious injury and fatalities. This to us, as railroad crossing injury attorneys, is purely unacceptable negligence on the part of the railway company decision makers and we will aggressively take on their corporate law firm to prove your case without being intimidated.

If you or a loved one were injured in a railroad crossing accident, or you have lost someone due to one, call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC for a free consultation. You pay nothing until we see victory.


Reasons to hire a railroad accident attorney

If you work on a railroad, there are several risks that you expose yourself to in your line work. Many railroad workers usually sustain injuries from the numerous railroad accidents that occur each year. While your work is important, you may be involved in such an accident on one of your routine duties. In such case, you need to make the necessary steps so as to get the compensation you deserve. However, you will face challenges while trying to pursue claims yourself. Therefore, for the best legal advice, you need to hire a railroad accident attorney New York. Such an attorney will present a strong case forward in your favor to enhance your chances of getting compensation.

A railroad accident attorney offers quality representation

If you sustain injuries or loss of any kind, a good railroad accident lawyer will provide assistance in several ways such as following the necessary legal procedures to get maximum compensation for your suffering. Since the attorney understands that it will be difficult for you to work with injuries, he will use his extensive legal knowledge to your advantage by ensuring that you get claims for medical bills and even lost wages. The attorney will see to it that you get a fair settlement and justice and that all parties to the accident are also held responsible.

A railroad accident attorney brings experience to this field

From railroad injuries to cases of wrongful deaths, a railroad accident attorney possesses a lot of experience in such matters. If the accident was as a result of someone else’s negligence, a good lawyer will provide the legal representation that you need. Apart from experience, an attorney with a proven track record and a known legal background will build a strong case for you.

A railroad accident attorney offers quick results

Getting compensation is usually a tedious and slow process especially if you have to go through the courts to get the money you are owed. The best railroad accident attorney will, however, hasten the entire process by offering quality representation services and by turning up with relevant evidence that you indeed deserve to be compensated. Since each client comes with a slightly different case, the attorney knows the best approach to take to win any case.

Apart from physical injuries, you can also be affected mentally as a worker when railroad accidents happen. It is, therefore, important that you find a railroad accident attorney New York who will try his best to win the case and get you the compensation you deserve. For the pain and suffering that you have undergone from the accident during your normal routines, you need the best lawyer whose legal services you can rely on so as to get money for lost wages and even pay your medical bills. With railroad accidents happening often, you will benefit more from such an attorney in case you are involved in such an accident. If you need to boost your chances of winning the case and getting claims, this lawyer will come in handy for you.

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