New York Drunk Driving Victim Attorney

New York Drunk Driving Victim Attorney

In New York City in 2009 there were over 1000 accidents involving a drunken driver. The likelihood of these crashes is higher at nights and on weekends but they can occur at any time of day. If you or a loved one were injured, or a loved one was killed, in an accident involving a drunk driver you may be entitled to receive a cash award. To do this you need to contact a law firm with experienced New York drunk driving victim attorney such as the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC. Our attorneys will prove that the impairment of the other driver led to the crash that caused the injury or fatality. The police can charge the driver with DUI but only a skilled attorney can prove that the intoxication caused the wreck.

New York Accident Attorneys Prove Fault Beyond a Doubt

When an accident occurs and a driver is found to be legally intoxicated under New York law, the police will arrest the driver and bring charges. This is not always done with a field sobriety test. If the other driver’s injuries are severe a blood test may be given at the hospital an hour later showing the alcohol level to be lower than it was during the time the event occurred. Experienced New York accident attorneys can prove in court the amount of blood alcohol that was present at the time of the incident. It is also required to prove that the condition of the other driver led to the accident. Even though a driver can be charged with DUI for sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car, plowing into that parked car will not be the fault of the intoxicated person. An award, in that case, would never be possible, Of course, that is an exaggerated scenario but it makes a point. Drunk does not automatically mean fault in a civil case. Your New York personal injury attorney with a background in drunken driving cases is essential to proving your case.

Our Team of New York Personal Injury Attorneys Will Fight for You

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman PC are experienced and very tenacious New York personal injury attorneys who are here to represent you in any type of case where you were injured due to negligence. Their role as drunk driving victim lawyers is just one of many areas of practice in which they excel. If you were the victim of a drunk driver or injured in any type of vehicular accident, call today for a free consultation. You may have a large settlement waiting for you.

Driving a vehicle on the road is inevitable in all people’s life. Many people drive carefully when they are good in all aspects. Sometimes, the driving people go mad due to drinking habit as they drink and drive. Due to this habit, many accidents occur on the road thereby disturbing everyone’s life a lot. Hence, to cope with these issues, drunk driving accident attorney is helping the victims with their excellent experience and knowledge. Many people do not know the presence of these lawyers and hence they ignore them leaving a valuable compensation and other benefits.

Why should a person have to contact drunken driving accident attorney

If an individual is affected by the drunken drive, he should know the consequences of the mishap clearly. Only the basic knowledge of the case would help him to get things done in an exemplary way. The victim has to know the lawyer whom he has to contact for his remedy, what he should do immediately after the case and how to proceed things further. Only the drunk driving accident attorney will answer these questions. Hence, it is utmost important to contact a drunk driving accident attorney without fail.

Things to do for appointing a good drunk driving accident attorney

Once the mishap is over due to drunk driving, appointing a good lawyer is essential, which is the need of the hour. Lots of people appoint known attorneys for their cases without worrying about the quality of the person. This is not good because talented lawyers are very important than known people. So, analyzing the profile of the attorneys is very much important than to simply appointing a known person. Only exemplary attorneys would deal things effectively and give the expected results. So, online reviews of the customers about the lawyers and lawyer directories would help the client on selection. The reviews would clearly tell about the attorney’s quality and based on it a client can come to the conclusion.

Steps to be followed for contacting drunk driving accident attorney

Nowadays, the majority of the drunk driving accident attorney have a website for their business. The attorney’s appointment and other law related features are known through this website. The client can contact the attorney for the first time consultation, which is done at free of cost. Hence, the client can send queries to the attorney asking him to fix an appointment for the consultation. Once the client’s query is studied, the attorney sends him to reply stating the time and date for the consultation online. Also, the client can contact the attorney through the phone for the meeting. Hence, contacting the attorney has become easy nowadays.

Once the drunk driving accident attorney is selected, the client should cooperate with him till the end of the case. The cooperation of the client alone enhances the case run in an effective way. The attorney takes off the burden from the shoulder of the client to cope with the expectations. The law offices are located in New York serving the public effectively.

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