New York Taxicab Accident Attorney

New York Taxicab Accident Attorney

The statistics for taxicab accidents in New York have increased by 5 times in the past 15 years where the number of cabs has only risen by 650. In 2014 there was an average of nearly 1400 New York taxicab accidents per month. Although you are less likely to be in an accident in New York in a taxi than in your own vehicle, your chances of injury are much greater. In fact, 70% of all New York taxi cab accidents resulted in injuries. With the speed limit reduced to 25 MPH in Manhattan, only time will tell if the accident and injury rates will fall. Or will they rise due to the cab drivers trying harder to get through lights with the timing and flow of traffic being different? The reason the injury rate is much higher in a taxicab is due to the following.

  • No Seat Belt Requirement – Passengers in the back of a taxi are unrestrained. In a collision or rollover, injuries are imminent.
  • The Drivers Anti-Robbery Shield – The hard plastic partition between the passengers and the driver has the potential to cause serious head and neck trauma to the unrestrained passenger in the event of a crash.
  • No Side Curtain Airbags – With the presence of the partition installed in taxicabs, side curtain airbags cannot operate. This offers no protection to passengers in the event of a devastating broadside collision.

New York Taxicab Accidents Happen Everywhere to Anyone

Injuries caused by taxicabs do not only occur to passengers. Almost everyone is aware of the tragic story in January 2014 of the 9-year-old struck and killed by a taxi while holding hands with his mother and crossing the street uptown. Later that year a 22-year-old woman was struck by two yellow cabs and critically injured. The taxicab driver in the first case was charged with a crime, but most drivers in pedestrian accidents are not prosecuted and the only recourse is for the injured party to file a personal injury suit. The same is true for cyclists. With the huge increase in cycle riders in the five boroughs, especially Manhattan, taxicab-related bicycle accidents have increased also. If a taxicab and a bicycle collide, the resulting injury to the bike rider is almost always severe or even life threatening.

Recovering Compensation for a Taxicab Accident in New York

When you are the driver or passenger in a separate car involved in a New York taxicab accident, the mishap is handled like a regular traffic accident. Most taxicabs carry the standard no fault minimum coverage of $100,000.00/300,000.00. This is spread over a number of passengers in the car and in the cab. If the cab was occupied chances are there will be one or more injured parties inside. No-fault insurance covers the following:

  • Medical Bills – There is a deadline to file claims of 45 days after service. These are generally filed by the care provider and paid directly to the provider.
  • Loss of Income – The insurance pays only 80% of earnings or $2000.00 per month, whichever is less. Claims must be filed within 90 days.
  • Reasonable Necessary Expenses – $25.00 per day may be received for expenses such as housekeeping, home care or other expenses considered within reason.
  • Death Benefits – Family members may recover up to $2000.00 to cover final expenses.

When a New York Taxicab Accident Involves You

If you are the victim of a New York taxicab accident you should take several important steps to document the accident and protect yourself. First dial 911 to summon the police and EMS. Gather the names and contact information of all parties involved and any witnesses. Take pictures of the scene from all angles. Give a police report and request a copy. Seek immediate medical attention and file a no-fault insurance claim. Then retain the service of an experienced New York taxicab accident attorney to determine if you are entitled to additional monetary compensation.

Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P. C. have successfully recovered large cash awards for victims of the taxi and other transportation-related accidents. The taxicab is the driver’s livelihood and they will often fight hard to prove that the blame in the mishap was not their fault. Our team of attorneys and investigators will work doggedly for you to prove your case and recover the damages to which you are entitled. Call Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman, P. C. today to for a free consultation with a compassionate attorney.


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