New York Lead Poisoning Attorney

New York Lead Poisoning Attorney

What is a lead poisoning attorney?

Most people would probably not include lead poisoning on their list of the most preventable pediatric illnesses in America. Nevertheless, lead poisoning is extraordinarily simple to avoid. Since lead poisoning results from ingesting it, the solution seems simple don’t let children, or anybody else, eat lead. But thousands of children are still poisoned by lead every year. Almost all childhood lead poisoning results from the negligence of somebody else. That’s why it is important to consult a lead poisoning attorney the moment it is suspected.

Why consult with a New York lead poisoning attorney?

Lead has no purpose in the human body, but because it is a heavy metal, lead replaces iron in hemoglobin. This reduces the amount of oxygen carried in the bloodstream. Lead also replaces calcium, a mineral important to electrical nerve transmission in the brain. Faced with a double danger of oxygen deprivation and reduced nerve function, the developing brain of a child can suffer severe and permanent damage from lead poisoning. This can lead to ADHD, decreased IQ, mental retardation or in some instances even death. Kidneys can also be damaged; growth stunted and hearing reduced or even lost.

When anybody is hurt or killed because of the negligence of others, the responsible party must compensate for any damages or loss, but compensating for damage caused to a child’s brain is beyond any human measure. New York law and legal precedent do establish some guidelines, but not just any lawyer is familiar enough with them in applying them to different individual situations. That is why it is critical to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney in New York. Medical treatment, rehabilitation, and personal care may all be unobtainable without these knowledgeable advocates.

New York lead poisoning attorneys know its sources

When most people think of lead poisoning they envisage a child sitting next to a wall in an old house, peeling off paint chips and eating them like snacks. True, a great deal of lead exposure still comes from paint, especially in the dusty construction debris of remodeled old homes. A New York lead poisoning lawyer like Tanya Gendelman, Esq. knows lead comes in more subtle yet direct ways. Lead is in the paints and glazes on children’s toys, in their dishes and cookware, and is even in their food and beverages. Makers of these products are responsible for turning thousands of parents’ worst nightmares come true. Justice for these children and their parents is imperative and possible with the right lawyer.

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