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Workers compensation in NY, as in other states, is designed as the protective net to provide benefits for compensating all employees that receive work-related injuries, illnesses or death. If you or a family member receives an injury or experiences illness or death while performing their regular employment, call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman immediately. To these highly experienced workers, comp lawyers; New York employment law is a primary area of practice. The New York workers compensation attorney is able of explaining all of your rights if you or a loved one received a work-related injury while working in New York, working for a New York employer. Even if you were in another state but performing a duty for a New York employer you may still be covered.

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Timing is very important so do not wait too long to consult with one of our Worker Compensation Lawyers. New York laws prevent a lawsuit against the employer in cases of workplace sickness injury and death but there are certain areas outside of the worker’s compensation NY laws where a suit can be filed. This may be a building owner if different from the employer or a contractor on the premises that is independent of the employer. There are other narrow areas that may be explored also. That is another reason to contact a workers compensation attorney in New York from the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman.

Changes to New York City compensation laws changed significantly for workers who were injured after July 1, 2007. After July 1, 2010, the maximum benefit for injured workers was 739.00 per week. Lifetime benefits were extended only to those with permanent disabilities and capped based on payout years. Your NY workers compensation insurance provider may choose diagnostic providers and pharmacies. Mental impairment and repetitive motion injuries may also be covered.

If you or a loved one received injuries on the job, while making a delivery or running an errand for your job, or became ill from conditions related to your job, call the best professional workers compensation lawyer NY has to offer. Call the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman and receive the settlement to which you are legally entitled.

Workers compensation in NY