New York Electrocution Injury Attorney

New York Electrocution Injury Attorney

Electrocution can happen in any number of ways. A person operating a defective electrical appliance or product is sometimes injured or killed. In addition, careless work practices might expose an employee, customer or passerby to dangerous equipment or environments. In New York City, people who live where wiring or electrical equipment is faulty are electrocuted nearly every day. In any circumstance where a person is injured or killed by electrocution, retaining the services of a New York City Electrocution Injury Attorney is imperative.

Electrocution Accidents and Worker’s Compensation

A significant number of electrocutions happen at the workplace. In spite of New York City and State building and safety codes, an astonishing number of employers fail to provide safe working conditions for their employees. Whether resulting from an effort to reduce costs, taking shortcuts to get a job done quickly or whatever the reason, employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment. When they do not, and a person is injured by electrocution at the workplace or in relation to their employment, that employer is liable for all related damages and loss.

Because many employers cannot afford to pay the enormous costs often associated with electrical accidents, the state requires they retain Worker’s Compensation insurance. A sad reality is that because these insurers are private companies and profit is their primary incentive, they do all they can to protect their bottom line. For the victim, that means as little compensation as possible. The result is often loss of income, mountains of bills, poor or no medical treatment and tremendous anxiety. With a strong advocate on their side, these situations are avoidable.

New York Electrocution Injury Attorneys are the Right Advocates

When a person is injured by electrocution and somebody else is at fault, whether at the workplace or not, as soon as they or their representative is able a New York Electrocution Attorney should be contacted. Tanya Gendelman, Esq., is one such attorney. Her extensive experience representing accident victims and thorough understanding of Worker’s Compensation insurance law and practices make her a powerful advocate for electrocution victims. Whether at the workplace or not, attorneys like Gendelman should also be considered in cases of wrongful death resulting from electrocution.

Knowing About Hiring Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Electrocution injury lawyer can be so helpful for the individuals in dealing with the electrocution injuries. The electrocution injury is something that can occur suddenly without any warning. When these kinds of injuries occur, it can make adverse and drastic changes in the life of victims. If the loved one or somebody you know has suffered out of the electrocution injury then it is important for you to make them understand the importance of hiring a lawyer so that they can easily deal with the issue well. There are many experienced lawyers available who can help you in handling such cases well.

Things Happen for Hiring Electrocution Injury Lawyer

It is important for you to know what kind of injury happens during the electrocution. At the time when a person comes in contact with electricity, the current flows through the body through that path where the resistance is very low. It can pass through the soft tissues that of the victim that include muscle, fat, and skin. As per the amount of time the electricity flows through the body, it can cause damage. This can result in permanent injuries to the victim, which can be very serious. There are chances for the individuals to die also during this time. There won’t be any evidence of injuries even when the person dies out of electrocutions. The high voltage electrocution can result in the death of the person instantly as it can make the heart function stop. The electrocution injury lawyer can help the individuals deal with the situation and help them in getting the compensation that they deserve.

Causes of the Accidents

There are chances for the individuals to meet with electrocution injuries due to the various things that include the accident which can occur at a home due to the improper wiring and any flaws in the insulation. If the electrocution accident occurs to the person from the property of another individual then the latter is responsible for the accident. If the electrocution accident is occurred due to the usage of some product then the manufacturer is liable for the accident.

How to Benefit from Hiring Electrocution Injury Lawyer?

Electrocution injuries cannot appear so severe on a surface. There are chances for the injury to go undetected with the naked eye. The injury that is caused by electrocution can vary based on the type of the circuit, duration of the contact, pathway, current and also voltage. There are various injuries that can be resulted from the electrocution accident. Individuals can go through cardiovascular injuries as the electric current can cause variation in the heart beat. Respiratory arrest is another major kind of damage or injury that is caused by the electrocution accident. There are chances for this accident to cause burns to internal organs, soft tissues and burns over the skin. Seizures, brain damage and the injuries to the spinal cord can also occur with the electrocution accident. These kinds of injuries can result in a permanent change in the individuals. The electrocution injury lawyer can help the individuals in getting a good compensation to deal with this condition.


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