New York Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

New York Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

We provide you with various representation options if you or your relative is a victim of a hit and run accident. Call us immediately a mishap happens and let us advice you on the best course of action. We have huge experience in representing clients involved in motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents in New York. Your hit and run accident lawyer will define a few legal issues to you.

An accident where the driver does not stop to exchange contacts with you is regarded as a hit and run. It usually attracts legal charges for two crimes – committing the accident and fleeing from the scene. Drivers flee either because they were driving without a proper license or vehicle insurance. Similarly, a driver may be trying to escape from an existing warrant of arrest. If arrested, such a driver faces serious court charges.

When to call a hit and run accident lawyer

We are available on call any time of day and night. However, it is best to contact us immediately an accident has occurred. This way, we are at a better position to assemble details effectively. Meanwhile, gather as much information about the fleeing driver and vehicle as possible. Do not chase the driver, as he may be armed and dangerous. That is the work of police.

Write the registration number of the vehicle and physical attributes of the driver. If there are eyewitnesses, request them to help you gather details of the accident scene. As we may need to call them to testify in court, write down their names and contacts. More importantly, preserve the evidence in the scene of accident and call 911.

If you suffered injuries to warrant the attention of medical personnel, keep all hospital records safely. These include doctors’ notes on diagnosis and prescription. Our hit and run accident lawyer will need these crucial exhibits. Similarly, your insurance company will need them for proper compensation.

Our hit and run accident lawyer recognition

Our representation of accident victims has put us ahead of other firms. As a result, the state of New York and law associations have recognized us. As the premier traffic accident law firm in the area, we value the rule of law and observe all possible procedures to bettering the quality of human life.

We have handled thousands of hit and run accidents over time, most of which we have won. Our services are affordable yet reliable. We only charge a small percentage of the recovered compensation. More importantly, we ensure proper and just compensation of the victims’ physical injuries, emotional damages, or death. Call us now to arrange a meeting with a hit and run accident lawyer.

Why you should choose our services

As you focus on your recovery from the misfortune, we take care of all legal and insurance matters for you. The hit and run accident lawyer is compassionate while deriving information from you. Similarly, we aggressively explore all avenues of finding evidence such as examining traffic video footage.

Until we succeed in winning your case, we do not charge personal injury lawyer fees. Additionally, we try our best to prove to the court that you actually suffered lost wages due to your absence from work or business. Similarly, we will guarantee compensation for any damages to your car or property.

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