No-Fault Laws New York

No-Fault Laws New York

New York State no fault law requires all motor vehicles to offer protection coverage in personal injuries to ensure that anyone injured
in case of an accident involving the motor vehicle gets benefits
regardless of the fault or was responsible for the accident. No fault
insurance gives reimbursement to the injured person’s financial or
economic loss, that include lost earnings, medical expenses, and many
others like household help, travel expenses and prescriptions. Unless
additional benefits are purchased by the insured, no fault benefit is
limited to $50,000. Within a period of thirty days after the occurrence
of the accident, no fault claim must be filed before collecting No fault
benefits, failure to which could lead to loss or reductions of gains.
You must file the claim with the company which insured the vehicle, or,
in case of a pedestrian, with the automobile which knocked you. The
insurance company can only pay the benefits as stated in the no fault
insurance law New York.

In case the vehicle is not insured, you should file a no fault claim to
your vehicle’s insurance firm or with the insurance firm of any of your
family member. If neither you nor any of your family members, during the
accident, never had any auto insurance policy, you are allowed to file
no fault benefit claim Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification
Corporation Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC).

Under the fault insurance law New York, there are certain exceptions
where the individual who is injured in a vehicle accident cannot be
covered. Even the injured striders due to motorcycle accident may claim
for No Fault benefits, the passengers and drivers of motorcycle are not
insured. Anyone who causes an accident intentionally or under influence
of drugs or alcohol is denied No- Fault benefits. Drivers who are not
insured are not covered in the No- Fault if the vehicle that caused the
accident is not insured.

No- Fault companies normally takes a maximum of thirty days from the day
it gets all relevant information from the victim. The insurance firm is
obligated to pay you 80% of the total damages, up to highest amount of
$2000 each month. The NO-Fault company must pay lost earnings for a
period of 3 years beginning in the day the accident occurred or until a
payment of $50000 in combined benefits has been paid, any which comes

In case the accident involved your child or any of your family member
who is not looking after claims of a personal injury, you can, on their
own behalf, is require by law file no-fault law New York benefits as
stipulated by the law. Guardian or parent of a child who is under
eighteen years is by law, responsible for all treatments and medical
bills incurred during treatment to the kid due to the accident. In New
York, the general rule is that any kid below eighteen years is not
liable for personal treatment. The treatment and medical bill should be
submitted with the period permitted by law, failure to which the
insurance company cannot pay any bill.

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