No Fault law in New york

No Fault law in New york

The lawmakers of New York has enacted a law called No fault Insurance
Law New York in order to make sure that people are protected whenever
they get involved in car accidents.

The no fault law New York states that a person needs to be compensated within a reasonable time.

In the past the courts have been overwhelmed with the number of
insurance claims, they are not able to attend to these cases right away
and because of that a lot of vehicle injury claims have been extremely

The New York No fault law has been created to protect the victims and for the people responsible to pay up as soon as possible.

What is stated in New York State No fault insurance law?

According to the terms stated in the No Fault insurance law New York the vehicle operator needs to have a mandatory insurance.

The insurance claim needs to fulfill the terms that have been presented in the New York no fault rules.

It has to be able to insure certain people and would have to follow a
cover claim up to a certain limit as mandated by the state.

Regardless of whoever is the one who is at fault during the accident
the insurance that they have gotten needs to able to cover basic
economic losses in order to fall in the no fault insurance category.

This will protect the victims in the accident and will ensure that they
will be able to get financial compensation from the insurance policy
without the need of going to court.

The No fault law New York insurance is limited, it can only cover the
medical expenses and lost earnings of up to $50,000, the damages that
will go further than this stated amount will no longer be awarded under
the mandate of the no-fault insurance law.

There are some victims who will suffer more damages beyond the $50,000 amount.

For this cases the law can interfere, the victims can precede filing a case in court.

What is considered as serious injury as stated in the New York Insurance Law?

In Section 5102 of the New York Insurance law, serious injury is those that can result to death and dismemberment.

It can be considered as serious injury when it will result to the death
of the fetus, permanent loss of use of a body organ or system.

It is a serious injury if the person suffers from the loss of activity
and movement from customary daily activities that is not less than 90

Some U.S States have tried to remove their No fault Insurance Law New York and have cited that it is ineffective and vague.

The state of Colorado was able to remove their no fault system in the
year of 2003 while Florida state has passed a new no-fault law on
January 2008.

They have started that this law will be able to cover claims for bodily
injury and it can also be used for medical bills for drivers and their
companions during the time of the accident that was at fault for the

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