New York Truck Accident Attorney

New York Truck Accident Attorney

A New York truck accident can be caused many different circumstances that are unique to the type of vehicle and its operation. When cars and trucks share the same road and a mishap occurs the results can be catastrophic.

A truck accident in New York can occur on the highway at high speeds or in the city while maneuvering the tight streets. The drivers of tracks do not have the visibility directly behind them or to the side. These blind spots are the reason for many car and truck mishaps. The stopping distance of a fully loaded big rig at 60 MPH is greater than the length of a football field. Trailers require a wide radius to turn a corner and often need to pull to the left to make a right-hand turn. All of these facts and more contribute to serious accidents such as:

  • ◦ Rollovers – A New York truck accident that is far too common in and around New York City. The top-heavy design of a trailer makes any sudden swerve a potential for rolling. A driver pulling in front of a fast moving tractor-trailer, especially on a curve, often causes this. These often involve cars that get under the rolling trailer or collide with it or the cargo that spills from it
  • Jack Knifing – This happens when a tractor-trailer skids on a wet of icy road. A tractor and trailer sliding out of control on a slippery road is a potential for disaster.
  • Tire treads separation – The treads for a trailer tire can suddenly come loose and become airborne, often without the driver being aware. These huge pieces of rubber are heavy enough to kill a driver when striking a windshield. At least they will cause major body damage.
  • Sandwich – When a car gets into the blind spot of a trailer with another to its right the driver of the left lane tractor may move over pushing the car into or under the right side trailer. This is a common type of New York truck accident due to the fast but continuous lanes of traffic
  • Collision – A car that suddenly slows or stops with a heavy truck following behind risks being demolished. A car weighs 4000 pounds while a loaded tractor-trailer can weigh 80,000 pounds. The results of a crash are obvious.

Anyone who has been involved in a serious crash or has lost a loved one that way needs to retain an experienced and highly skilled New York truck accident lawyer such as the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman P.C. The lawyers are experienced in all of the laws and regulations, both state and federal, pertaining to commercial trucking. If there was a mechanical failure, driver fatigue, speeding or reckless driving involved, the finest truck accident lawyer New York can provide, and their investigation team will get to the facts. When facing a large trucking company in litigation, a prominent law firm will represent the trucker. Equal representation is paramount for success in these cases.


With growing population and increased demand, the number of vehicles on road is increasing at a very high speed. The number of road clogs and traffic jams has gone up by a huge margin is spite of all the new transportation and road infrastructures coming up. Thus the number of accidents occurring on the roads has also increased in the past few decades. One of the most common for accident involves truck and smaller private vehicles like cars and bikes.

Why choose truck accident lawyer?

Everybody wants to save themselves even if it is their fault. So as soon as there is a truck accident, the truck company sends in their highly efficient accident response team to gather any possible defense against the hurt or injured party. To win justice and ample compensation for the loss involved, it is important to hire Truck accident attorney as soon as possible. A Truck accident attorney specializes in handling cases related specifically to trucks and semi trucks. They are very well aware of all the rules and regulation policies of the state. They are also well informed about the scenarios and indications of evidence patterns. But the most crucial part of winning a case is how soon a Truck accident attorney is hired. The reason for hiring quickly is to prevent loss or disturbance of any pieces of evidence especially the ones that are left on the spot. Truck accident attorney works along with the accident re-constructionists and tries to document and preserve as much of the evidence as possible.

Difference between a normal accident and truck accident lawsuits

As trucks are much bigger in size and shape so the vehicle damage involved in a Truck accident has a larger recovery cost

A truck driver needs follow a set of specific and mandatory rules and policies. The driving log, qualification, and experience of the driver along with the drivers training file and inspection records are all required in a Truck accident case. A drug and alcohol-screening test is also mandatory even if the driver is in a perfect state of health and mind. On road working hour log is to be strictly maintained as per the road transport rules for the truck drivers. Fatigue and sleep deprivation are often a factor for massive damages.

The trucking company is also involved in the accident case file once a truck accident occurs. They cannot deny their responsibility towards the accident as the work hour’s logs, the weight being loaded and route was taken are some mandatory points that are handled and allotted by the company to the driver.

Causes of truck accidents

Various causes of Truck accidents are Alcohol and substance abuse, improper maintenance of the heavy-duty vehicle, road and weather conditions, faulty brake lines, tire burns and blowouts, collisions/jackknives, aggressive drive on at alarming speed, overload, Fatigue and sleep deprivation.

How to know who is the best Truck accident attorney?

Choosing the right Truck accident attorney for claiming of the compensation caused in a truck accident is important. The New York Truck accident attorney is the best and most reputable firm to handle complex cases. They are compassionate so the initial visit doesn’t require one to pay any consultation charges. Once they are assigned to a case, they are quick, precise and immediately on the spot of an accident with relevant documents. They have years of experience and knowledge about truck and semi truck accidents. They have years of experience and knowledge about truck and semi truck accidents. Successful handlings of accidents of vehicles up to 22 wheelers are among their best skills. The New York Truck accident attorneys work with the best teams of on-site accident experts and law enforcement officials. This helps to provide maximum possible compensation to their client.

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