New York Car Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a New York car accident it is imperative that you take immediate action. Even if the accident is minor there are certain steps that need to be taken to protect yourself and anyone else who was involved.

Important Steps to Follow after a New York Car Accident

When an accident occurs, the first thing to do is get yourself and anyone else out of harm’s way if possible. Get to a safe spot away from traffic and the damaged vehicles. If there are apparent injuries it may not be possible to move those people. Leave that to the EMS.

  • Call 911 and wait for emergency vehicles to arrive – Even if the accident seems relatively minor it is important that a police report is written at the scene. Failure to do so could allow the faulty driver to fabricate what happened at a later date. Your cell phone camera is your best tool. Take as many pictures as possible. Not only of the accident scene but the surrounding area. Record the names and contact info from any willing witnesses.
  • Get medical attention – If you are offered medical attention at the scene do not refuse it. If not, seek medical attention from your own physician or the emergency room as soon as possible. You may feel fine immediately after the crash but internal and head injuries do not always have apparent symptoms. A medical professional can detect these hidden conditions. Shock can often mask symptoms and some injuries to muscle, joints, and bones can display no symptoms for days. Waiting can open the door for a defense claiming the injuries occurred after the fact.
  • Call a New York accident lawyer – Do not assume that you are not entitled to monetary compensation above what the other parties insurance company is offering. On the contrary, the insurance adjuster’s job is to keep the settlement as low as possible. They will even come to the hospital and act as though they have your best interest at heart. They never do. Their company’s bottom line is their sole motivation.
  • Expect to get sued – Another reason for seeking an accident attorney in New York is the fact that the other driver, regardless of fault, may suddenly develop injuries, be persuaded by a third party, or may have lied to the responding officer at the scene regarding what actually happened. Having an experienced New York accident lawyer from the beginning will help expose all of the facts, putting you on the offense, not the defense.

An Experienced and Aggressive New York Car Accident Attorney on Your Side

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