New York Burn Injury Attorney

New York Burn Injury Attorney

Help for Burn Injury Victims

Few things are more painful to the human body than burns. For a severe burn victim, pain is only the beginning of a long saga filled with treatments and therapies. Compounding their struggles are the financial setbacks and emotional trauma. Many survivors of major accidents understand their plight and agree on one piece of advice: talk to a burn injury attorney as soon as possible. Without a strong and knowledgeable advocate on their side, life could have been much worse and both the financial and emotional impact was far easier to endure.

A good burn injury law firm, like New York’s Tanya Gendelman, Esq., is both knowledgeable and experienced in making sure that all applicable laws are used to ensure their clients’ best interests. Fairness should always be front and center throughout the whole process. Fair sometimes means keeping promises, even if it has to be forced. Insurance companies, law firms, medical providers and anybody else involved in can expect a strong advocate for their client’s fair treatment coming in their direction. Those victims with a good lawyer representing them invariably fare much better than those who do not.

Insurance companies do not like to pay out claims in the first place, but they like going to court even less. What usually happens is a negotiated settlement, and this is where a good burn injury attorney earns their keep. A strong negotiator knows the law, understands the many types and causes of burns and their treatments. One way to understand the difference between a good versus lousy negotiator is by example. Imagine arguing the price of an extremely expensive and rare antique car without having the slightest information or knowledge of this car or even antique cars in general. Without this knowledge, a persona will likely be a very ineffective negotiator.

Burns often result from somebody’s negligence. That negligence is not always about damages from a fire. For example, some people suffer from a chemical burn injury. Regardless of the type of burn, like a homing pigeon, burn injury lawyers trace the path of responsibility directly to the right person or persons. When found, those responsible for the injury are held accountable. In these instances, burn victims receive the fairest compensation to pay for both medical care and the replacement of lost income. Those who have suffered a burn injury should talk with an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible because in most cases, time is of the essence.

The Role of Burn Injury Lawyers in Claiming Compensation for the Injured Parties.

Burn injuries are nastier than other types of accidents as they do not only cause physical scars but also leave a person with severe psychological and emotional scars. Burn injuries can originate from a restaurant, workplace or a home kitchen and it covers injuries from the fire, hot pipes, hot water pipes, chemicals and electrical.

Why an injured party requires a burn Injury lawyer?

Most people who suffer burn injuries feel that it’s their fault and they deserve to suffer as much. They feel that they have no right to demand compensation as they have no claim over it. This is a wrong perception since such people merit a justifiable right to claim for monetary compensation. Failure to claim for compensation is an injustice and also allows similar accidents to happen to other people. Suffering from a burn injury leaves a person with hefty medical bills to pay. Furthermore, a lot of rehabilitation time is required by the injured party which means that money and time meant for working are wasted. A burn injury also impacts on the whole family as it causes stress, especially to children. It is very common to find people who have undergone accidents leaving them with physical, emotional and psychological scars but are doing nothing about it. People worry since they are assured of the tough battles to the countered by insurance companies to reduce their compensation amount. However, this situation can be effectively solved since contacting a reputable burn injury lawyer can help injured parties build a very strong case and attract the maximum amount of compensation amount from the negligent party.

What is the role of a burn Injury lawyer?

A professional burn Injury lawyer’s role is to help an injured party establish proof of negligence by a third party and consequently claim for compensation for suffering injuries without any fault of their own. This holds the negligent parties to the injury liable for the accident and consequently the loss. The lawyer performs the initial assessment of whether the third party’s action led up to the accident which caused the burn. This could be the fact that the injured party suffered burns from fire or chemical substances after the company failed to ensure reasonable safety of its employees which exposed them to accidents or there is a faulty wiring in the place of work. After completion of the assessment, the burn injury lawyer advises the client on the likelihood of successfully claiming compensation. Insurance companies are known to search tirelessly for loopholes in the evidence provided to battle the suit and reduce the compensation amount. It is the responsibility of the lawyer to make sure that you get the maximum amount of compensation amount by battling at your corner.

How to choose the best burn injury lawyer in New York?

There are many specialized burn injury lawyers in New York who are equipped with the resources and experience to determine the fault of the third party and navigate the insurance companies’ battles thereby offering you the maximum amount of compensation value. Our firm allows you to not only get the best medical care deserved, but also substantial and compensated rehabilitation time. A good lawyer is committed to the client and his/her family; that’s what our lawyers have achieved from the many long term and short damages caused by burn injuries. In case you are looking for a lawyer after a burn injury, choose reputation, experience, resources and most importantly, past successes.


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