New York Bus Accident Attorney

New York Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents involving multiple injuries, and even fatalities, are all too common on the highways leading into and out of New York City. These tour bus accidents gain much media attention and are often the fault of a reckless, weary or impaired driver or a poorly maintained vehicle. Most bus accidents are not, however of this horrific magnitude. They may involve a single passenger, a collision with another vehicle or very often an innocent pedestrian. They are more common in urban and suburban areas than they are on the highways. This is partly due to congestion and the size and limited maneuverability of the vehicle, but also carelessness or neglect.

How New York Bus Accident Injuries Occur

  • Passengers on a bus in New York are particularly vulnerable as they are not restrained and very often standing. If the bus strikes something, stops short or is struck, it does not have to be a high impact event for injuries to occur. Sometimes a bus, simply pulling away prior to a boarding passenger being secured, can cause a fall resulting in a serious injury.
  • Drivers and passengers of other vehicles can easily be injured if a collision with a bus takes place. Bus drivers have no rear view and limited side view visibility Stopped buses will often pull into traffic suddenly and without warning, striking a passing car. A car struck in the rear by a bus on a New York street will sustain extensive damage and injuries to the occupants of the car will be more than likely.
  • Pedestrians become the victim of a bus accident more frequently than one would expect. A bus driver turning a corner may not see the pedestrians near the curb trying to cross a busy street. The bus driver must negotiate a tight turn which brings the rear tire close to, or even over the curb, striking a glancing but injurious blow to unsuspecting pedestrians. Recently as December of 2014, a Brooklyn man was killed after being struck by a bus. The driver was charged in that accident with failure to yield to a pedestrian. In November 2014 a bus driver lost control in Manhattan and crashed into a sidewalk scaffolding causing an injury. Earlier that year a tour bus also struck sidewalk scaffolding. The same year a double-decker bus lost control and slammed into another parked bus that was loading and yet another bus slammed a tree on 5th Ave after the driver passed out. A well-known collector of pop culture named Alex Shear was dragged by a bus and killed in January of 2014 at Broadway and 96th Street. In Manhattan, pedestrians are in constant danger of becoming the victim of a New York bus accident.
  • School buses are designed to be safer than other buses and injuries to children occur less frequently that to passengers of others. However, despite being equipped with seat belts, children are often improperly supervised by drivers and remain unrestrained and even out of their seats. School bus drivers have also been known to drive at excessive speeds to make up for lost time. Injuries do occur on school buses and by school buses.
  • Tour bus and long distance commuter bus crashes are almost always severe and involve multiple injuries as they occur at high speeds and on the highway. In most cases, the accident is caused by driver error or mechanical failure.

Involved in a New York Bus Accident?

If you find yourself involved in a bus accident in New York it is important to get everything documented immediately. Call the police first and give the officer a complete report unless you are transported to the hospital before police arrive. Do not assume or say you are not injured. Seek medical attention immediately. If the accident involves a NY Transit bus you are required to file a claim within 90 days in writing.

A New York Bus Accident Attorney

After the accident, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced New York Bus Accident Attorney. The skilled litigator can get you the monetary settlement you deserve. A skilled bus accident attorney can win you the right to sue for more and succeed. Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman is where you will find an attorney that is tenacious and has a track record of getting the maximum settlements for victims of the bus and all other public transportation accidents in countless cases. If you were injured by a bus, through no fault of your own, you need Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman in your corner. Call for a free consultation today with no obligation.


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