New York Dog Bite Injury Attorney

New York Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Putting Teeth in Dog Bite Laws

Every day, dog attacks cause serious injuries to people, even death. Too often, massive bleeding, infection, and scarring follow a dog bite injury. In the United States, each year close to a million people receive some kind of medical attention for dog bites. Estimates are that millions more suffer bites but do not seek medical care. The ever-increasing numbers of injuries and fatalities from dog bites are described by some as an epidemic. The problem is complex. For example, eight out of ten times the victim knows the dog. Even more horrifying is that the vast majority of attacks are made by family dogs.

A good dog bite attorney may not be able to prevent dogs from attacking people. However, in most cases, they can make sure that whoever is responsible for the attack pays for the damages their dog inflicts. These lawyers thoroughly understand dog bite law at both the municipal and state level, and by applying it to the fullest extent help get claims processed faster and for amounts as close to a just settlement as possible. Using the civil law to seek this just compensation gives meaning to laws designed to protect citizens, picking up the slack from an overwhelmed criminal court system.

Insurance companies are aware of their responsibility under the law, yet at the same time do all they can to make the claims process slow and difficult and to pay inadequate settlements. Without the help of a good injuries’ attorney those who refuse an insurance company’s quick initial offer of sometimes ridiculous compensation amounts learn this the hard way. It’s simply not fair that a person’s physical and emotional health must rely so much on the whimsical decisions made by cold insurance adjusters. People need strong advocacy and that is exactly what these lawyers do.

Many children attacked by dogs suffer disfiguring injuries to their face and require extensive restorative surgery. Without insurance, only the very wealthy can personally afford it. Fortunately, many homeowners’ insurance plans cover injury from dog bites, and a strong dog bite lawyer works hard to make sure the insurance company pays for emergency care and any necessary follow-up therapies or treatments. They also ensure this happens regardless of how long treatments will be needed or how much they cost. Personal injury lawyers like Tanya Gendelman, Esq. helps victims feel that justice really is on the side of the people.

Hiring the Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

A dog bite is a serious issue than you imagine. There are chances for the individual who faces dog bite to go through physical trauma related to the injuries and also the emotional trauma due to the incident. Along with these the individual need to spend much in the hospital for the treatments and the medicines. You may wonder in this situation how can a dog bite injury lawyer can help you in dealing with the condition and get you the compensation that you deserve. There are many things that you need to know about dog bite and the related things.

Need for Hiring Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Going through a dog bite is a severe condition. There are certain factors that may make you hire the dog bite injury lawyer. There are chances for the injuries due to the dog bite to become much severe that it may be much hard for you to calculate the cost that it can incur to you for a longer term. If you do not have adequate time or capability for negotiating a better compensation from an insurance company or the dog’s owner, then you can get the help of a lawyer in dealing the condition well. If you do not feel much comfortable in negotiating with the insurance company or the dog’s owner then you can get the help of the lawyer. There are chances for you to have the feeling that the dog’s owner or the insurance company may not be ready to pay you well.

The Way Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Helps You

When you are hiring a dog bite injury lawyer, there are various ways through which they can help you. These lawyers can have good knowledge about the laws that exist in your state about the dog bite. They can have the good amount of knowledge on how to record about the injuries caused by the dog bite. They can make your case much strong in the court. They can easily make the victim of the dog bite get the finest and most deserving compensation possible. The lawyer whom you have hired for dog bite can go through the medical bills that you had after the incident. You may need to get the information on the replacement and the repair of the personal property hat is damaged or can get destroyed with the attack. There are chances for the individuals to get fewer wages as they won’t be able to go for the job due to the injury that has happened with the bite. There are chances for the individuals to go through disability in a permanent manner which can happen during the accident. You can also talk with the lawyer about any other expenses that you may have to the accident.

Pros in Hiring the Lawyer

There are chances for the dog bite injury lawyer to help the individual who has gone through an accident in a better way. This lawyer knows well about the laws and can help in appearing in the court for you to get maximum compensation.


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