New York Industrial Accident Attorney

New York Industrial Accident Attorney

New York Industrial Accident Attorneys Help Rebuild Lives

On March 25, 1911, the worst industrial accident in the history of New York City occurred at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, when 146 people, mostly women, perished from an industrial fire. It was also the third worst disaster in the City’s history, exceeded only by the burning of a ship in 1904 and of course, the World Trade Center bombing on 9/11. These are extreme examples of industrial accidents, but every day in the City, somebody is hurt on the job; and, for that person and their families, the resulting devastation is no less painful. New York industrial accident lawyers are there to help soften the damage and put shattered lives back together.

How New York Industrial Injury Attorneys Help

When hired in an industrial setting, one of the first things employees learn is that if they are hurt on the job, they are to report the accident to the company as soon as possible, preferably immediately. One of the several reasons for this requirement is to prepare the company’s workers compensation insurance carrier for an impending claim. Even though the employer is at fault, the insurance company pays the damages. Ostensibly, this is to ensure the worker gets appropriate medical care. The reality is that without the help of a New York industrial accident lawyer, accident victims are many times lucky if they even get that.

Everybody knows accidents do more than hurt people’s bodies. Severe trauma can leave deep emotional scars. A major injury has severe economic consequences and brings with it all the anxiety that goes with worrying about how to pay the bills. Retaining the services of skilled, experienced and hard-working New York Industrial Accident Lawyers will make sure that the company that is responsible for the accident pays all necessary medical expenses. Better yet, they make workplaces safer by reminding industry managers and insurance companies of their responsibility to compensate for all damages resulting from an accident.

What a New York Industrial Accident Attorneys Will Do

First, when an accident victim consults with an industrial accident lawyer they will discover an advocate ready to help immediately. Their skills and experience serve notice to the company and the insurance company that they can expect this worker to get the compensation due them, even if it means being made to do so by a court of law. With such a notice, medical bills get paid faster, lost income is replaced quicker and anxiety levels are greatly diminished. Yes, following the company’s rule to report injuries immediately is important…for the company. But more important are the interests of the victim, and that is best ensured by attorneys like the Law Firm of Tanya Gendelman, P.C.

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