New York Third Party Claim Attorney

If you are injured on your job workers compensation is in place to pay you while you are recovering until you can get back to work. It does not award you for pain and suffering and protect your employer against a lawsuit. Often times the injury or condition you suffer was caused by one or more parties other than your employer. This is when you nee a New York third party claim attorney. There is no cap on a number of damages you may seek in these cases. The suit may be against the general contractor if you were working for a trade, the property owner, a subcontractor or any other party who may have caused your suffering. We at the Law Offices of Tanya Gendelman as New York third party claim attorneys are proficient in determining who was at fault in a work related accident and will fight hard to collect the maximum award for you.

We are Your New York Third Party Claim Lawyers Who Go the Distance

On construction sites, where multiple contractors are present at the same time, third party accidents are commonplace. Wires create trip and fall hazards, scaffolding is improperly installed, and lack of safety netting allows falling materials, tools and equipment to strike workers. Other scenarios may include careless vehicle or equipment operation, electrocution or improper handling of hazardous or toxic materials. The list is virtually endless and it is our job as a New York Third Party Claim Lawyers is to conduct the most thorough of investigations to uncover the truth. We will interview all parties that were present on the site, look into the safety record of the third party that is suspect. We will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the facts.

Before you Call a Work Injury Law Firm, Be Sure to Do the Following

If you are injured on the job, or off of the job while performing a job-related task, the first steps you take are critical to your case. Report the injury to your supervisor and seek medical attention immediately. This provides a time stamp that locks in the exact time, date and place that the incident occurred. Make a note of any witnesses and get their personal information if possible. Then call the Work Injury Law Firm of Tanya Gendelman PC. We offer a free, one-time evaluation of your case and will aggressively represent you. Our attorneys have the rare quality of concern for your well-being and the tenacity it takes to recover the biggest settlement that you deserve. Call us today; time is of the essence work-related injury cases.