Workplace Accidents Kill More People that Terror Attacks in US.

Workplace Accidents Kill More People that Terror Attacks in US.

Workplace accidents are likely to kill more American than the terror attack. The research done by labor advocates shows that more Americans are killed in workplace accidents than those who have succumbed to terror attacks. The labor advocates argue that hazardous conditions in many of country’s workplace get less attention from the public and media than they should.

In These Times reporter, Mike Elk, reported in 2011 alone workplace accidents killed more than 4,600 American compared to 17 Americans who died from terror attacks. For example, the bombing at Boston Marathon received a lot of attention while less attention was given to West, Texas horrific factory explosion that killed 14 people and injured more than 200. Once the explosion was deemed a workplace accident, the coverage was tapered off. People had nothing to fear because it was an industrial accident. The Boston was probably the major terrorist attack on United States soil since the September 2001 attack. This is clear that the public has more interest in unusual crimes which are dramatic and occurs infrequently.

The West, Texas industrial explosion was widely covered, yet the fertilizer plant housed hundreds of tons of potentially explosive chemicals were given less attention. In addition, the company’s emergency preparedness and responsive plan that was filed in 2011 claimed there was no risk of explosion or fire at the plant. It is also unfortunate because although many warnings have been made, the last time Occupational and Health Administration visited the plant was early 1985.

In another workplace accident, a 15-year old boy died on the gravel crushing operation in Calgary. The deceased was identified as Christopher Lawrence who was a new employee of the Arjon construction Company. Kim Misik, the Occupational Health and Safety spokeswoman said the teenager became entangled in a conveyor and died at the scene. Investigations indicated that the teenager had not been there for long, he was in training. Although the person was within the employment regulation standards in Canada (15, 16 and 17 years old can work any job as long as they are not employed in a position that requires them to work on a night schedule), the accident attorney would like the investigation to reveal the actual cause of death. For example, some of the jobs are very dangerous and it is the responsibility of the company to ensure its employee have the property safety training.

These two scenarios clearly show that many people, especially in U.S are likely to work in place of work than in terror attacks. In addition, the workplace deaths are likely to increase if proper measures are not taken.

An accident attorney can help to claim compensation.

If you have incurred injuries, or you have lost your loved ones to work place accident, you are entitled to file a lawsuit to claim for compensation. It is good to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. In 2010 the BSL (Bureau of Labor Statistics) did a study in the US that found that there were more than 3.1 million non-fatal workplace accidents and illness that year. This shows that almost 3.5% of employees incur injuries at the place of work. Unfortunately, most of them go uncompensated.

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