Workman wins claim for accident Injuries

Workman wins claim for accident Injuries

A recent accident involving a truck that slammed into a car driven by a workman resulted in a monetary reward for pain and suffering thanks to some hard work and persistence on the part of the man’s car accident lawyer. The case stemmed from an accident on a local street as a construction worker was waiting at a stop light until he could turn right while on his way to a dental appointment for a root canal.

As the man sat at the intersection waiting for the light to turn, he was struck from the rear by a truck owned by Operative Plasterers & Cement Mason’s Local 5. According to the victim, he was hit hard but did not take an ambulance to seek medical attention since in the aftermath of the accident he thought he was not hurt. Later, however, the man started feeling pain in his back and after a doctor’s examination, it was determined that he had in fact suffered from herniations in his lumbar spinal discs which were painful and required months of therapy, including epidural steroid injections in his lower back. These treatments were part of an overall treatment program that included other elements such as physical therapy.

Car Accident Lawyer Fights for Liability

Although the defendant’s lawyers initially denied any liability derived from the accident, partly because they were able to keep repair records out of evidence, the plaintiff’s car accident attorney was able to convince the defendant’s representatives to concede their liability. Despite this, the defendant’s attorney maintained that the accident was just a minor fender bender which resulted in no physical injuries to either party. They pointed as evidence to this fact that the plaintiff did not go to the hospital after the accident and initially sought no medical care until after the pain started to affect him. Further, they insisted that any injuries suffered by the plaintiff were pre-existing conditions and therefore not covered by liability from the accident.

Despite this, the plaintiff continued to experience pain and discomfort from the injuries he suffered in the accident and kept seeing his physician in an effort to alleviate the situation, but it did little good.

Changing Plans

On the eve of the trial in the incident, the car accident attorney representing the plaintiff convinced the defendant’s attorneys as well as their “expert witness” that the injuries being suffered by the plaintiff were consistent with those that were possible from an accident of the sort caused by the defendant. They also agreed that all of the symptoms the plaintiff was experiencing were consistent with the type of accident that happened in this case.

The case was eventually brought to trial with the outcome being declared the fault of the defendant being established and being found responsible for the payment of a large sum to the plaintiff to compensate for damages. The case also found that the defendant would be held responsible for any costs incurred by the plaintiff resulting from the accident that he experiences throughout his life.

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