Who is an accident attorney and why do you need one?

Who is an accident attorney and why do you need one?


Accidents happen and when they do it’s when they are least expected. So, you are involved in accident, you’ve come away with injuries (serious or mild), you are probably in a state of confusion… someone has to come in with some form help. Insurance companies could help but they have their own guidelines on compensation and will not pay for injury caused by the negligence of another person. This is the perfect time to call on your accident attorney.

Personal injury- this is a legal term that refers to physical, emotional or psychological harm caused to a person as opposed to property. Injuries include bodily harm and emotional distress caused either intentionally or through negligence. Personal injury can result from assault, home accidents, product defects, traffic accidents, holiday accidents and product liability accidents.

Personal injury lawyer – is a lawyer who represents victims of personal injury.

Accident attorney – this is a lawyer who represents victims of accident injuries.

When do you need an accident attorney?

  • One should consider hiring a personal injury attorney if;
  • You are unsure of who is at fault; is it you or the other driver?
  • The other party is under insured or completely uninsured
  • The injuries sustained hold the possibility of long term-term repercussions
  • An adjustor is trying to hurry things; even trying to force you into settling for a compensation that you feel is unfair.
  • You are unable to file the suit on your own due to reasons such as statutes of limitation laws.

How will an accident attorney help?

  • Should be able to file the case in time- injury cases can only be filed and heard within specific time periods. Once this period passes, the case can no longer be taken to court and the complaint loses all his right. A lawyer probably knows about these requirements and will work hard to beat the deadlines.
  • Proving liability is quite complex- even with witnesses stringing in and a police report saying so; it is not easy to prove that the other person is liable. Can you prove that he did it out of negligence? Can you prove that it was intentional? You may even require citations to convince the court that your case is genuine.
  • He understands the “laws” and “rules” involved- a lawyer understands the laws of the locality and should trial, he will know about it in advance.
  • Has knowledge of settlement options- it is much better going into an argument knowing the options available for you. Sometimes the offender has his lawyers too and they could attempt to under-compensate you.
  • You may never wholly understand the extent damage- compensation is not just about what is visible. If you have been incapacitated in some way then you family should be compensated for loss of companion too. As a layman it is not easy to uncover the whole list of what is to be compensated.
  • They are paid to do the job- finally, accident attorneys are lawyers. They earn their corn from arguing such cases. If you are lucky enough to find a passionate one, rest assured he will break a sweat for your case.

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