Two People Dead and Three others in Critical Conditions after an Accident in Montreal

Two People Dead and Three others in Critical Conditions after an Accident in Montreal

Personal injuries are so devastating. They are caused by accidents and they may bring about physical burns, broken or fractured bones and one may end up being in an injury status for the rest of their lives. In the recent past, personal injuries’ rate has rapidly increased as a result of accidents in the house or on the roads. In an incident witnessed in Montreal on 22 2014 two people were killed and three others were in critical conditions due to personal injuries. According to the police report to the CTV news, the car lost control and swung over across many lanes before smashing a tree hitting the balcony of a home at around 2.15 am. The accident left two male aged 19 and 18 years dead and the other three occupants of the car including the driver were left in critical conditions. All the passengers are believed to be aged 18-25 years. Investigations show that speed was a factor which led to the accident but more investigations are being carried out to determine whether alcohol played any role in the accident. No one was injured inside the residence according to a police report.

In another incident, a bus belonging to Dropkick Murphys carrying a band struck and instantly killed a pedestrian in Texas on November 17th, 2014. The bus was headed to Dallas airport to drop one of the band members when the incident occurred. The driver sustained minor injuries and the bus was damaged during the accident. The driver and the family of the deceased have rights to file a legal settlement claim for the wrongful death and personal injuries. However, investigations have to be done to determine the cause of the injuries and death.

When you get personal injuries from an accident in which it was somebody else’s fault you first need to seek immediate medical attention and treatment. Seeking medical care is a way of providing evidence to show that your injuries were as a result of the accident. After treatment, you will need compensation from the responsible parties including insurance companies. However, you need to raise a claim as a way of seeking legal settlement for the personal injury costs and damages caused by the accident. The best person to help you reduce the stress and complications involved in filing a legal settlement for personal injuries is a Personal injury attorney. They have the required experience and knowledge regarding all the laws in a personal injury claim and they will give you professional guidance and help to ensure you receive maximum compensation for the injuries. Wrongful death is also a claim worth compensation and a personal injury attorney can help you and your loved ones to file a claim for legal settlement of the wrongful death.

Many insurance companies are not willing to give maximum compensation for personal injuries and therefore, it requires a professional with experience and knowledge to deal with such companies for quick and maximum compensation. The compensations which one can claim in a personal injury legal process include; medical expenses, lost wages due to sustained injuries, pain and suffering compensations and any other expenses used as a result of the injuries. It is recommended that you seek help from known personal injury attorneys to ensure that the claim process is effective and stress-free.

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