Two People Dead in a Nissan-BMW Car Crash in Brooklyn

Two People Dead in a Nissan-BMW Car Crash in Brooklyn

Personal injuries and damages are not the only results from an auto accident but death can also be the ultimate result. For example, in an incident in Brooklyn, two people were left dead when two vehicles were involved in an auto accident near Brooklyn mall at a busy intersection. According to reports from police, the accident impact was so severe and one of the cars is said to have split in half after it hit a utility pole. The two people who died were traveling in a Nissan Maxima which was heading south in Marine Park at around 6:30 pm. The Nissan is said to have hit a BMW which was turning onto the Avenue u coming from Flatbush Avenue according to the police reports. The passenger and driver of the BMW sustained minor injuries and were rushed to Kings County Hospital for treatment. It was not clear which car had the right of way or what colors were the security lights at the time of the accident. However, a video from surveillance which had captured the crash showed that the Maxima vehicle was going at a higher speed than the other cars before it hit the BMW.

Woman Killed in a Car Accident Involving a Drunk Driver

In another incident in Glen Burnie, a Dundalk man was charged with DUI (driving under influence), vehicular homicide alongside other offenses. The charges were as a result of a fatal car accident which happened in Glen Burnie. The man identified as Ronald Williamsen aged 29 years was driving a 2005 black Honda Civic Northbound at around 2:30 am on Solley road according to police reports. The car is said to have crossed the center line before leaving the road and striking a street sign and a tree near Chestnut springs Lane. The paramedics and police officers who responded to the scene reported that they found a woman suffering from severe head injuries and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the 21-year old woman was identified as Kaitlan William from Winona. Williamsen who sustained minor injuries was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. The police transported Williamsen to Northern District police station where they did an alcohol breath test to the suspect. The suspect was later charged with driving under influence and homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated among other traffic offenses.

Auto accident lawyer

When you or your loved ones get involved in an auto accident, the results are very traumatizing and shocking since wrongful death, severe personal injuries and crucial property damage are the most likely results. However, despite dealing with the injuries, a lot of stress and emotional turmoil prevails in the situation leading to pain and psychological suffering. The results may lead to permanent paralysis leading to employment termination and loss of wages. In such cases, it is advised that the immediate step that you should take is to seek medical attention. This will help you in two important ways one being getting treatment and the other getting the right evidence that the injuries resulted from the auto accident. Any victim of an auto accident is entitled to legal settlement and compensation on the medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, lost wages and also wrongful death compensation by the responsible parties and insurance companies. However, many insurance companies tend to pay less than what the victim is worth. In such cases, you require an auto accident lawyer. These are professionals with knowledge and skills on dealing with such insurance companies through a legal process to ensure you receive the maximum compensation through a legal settlement. Auto accident lawyers will give you the right guidance and help to go through the legal settlement process to ensure a successful maximum compensation for your losses.

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