Two of the Most Devastating Crashes in Brooklyn

Two of the Most Devastating Crashes in Brooklyn

In two separate accidents in Brooklyn, New York, people died and others were injured. For the first crash, two fatalities and two injured persons were reported.

Horrible Car Crash Claims two Young Lives

On the 19th of May this year, a Nissan Maxima barreled into a BMW shortly after 6.30 pm. The Nissan Maxima ended up crashing into a pole with such a force that the car split in half and wrapped around it. The passenger of the Nissan, a young woman of 18 called Christina Wipper was declared dead on the scene.

The car driver was rushed to hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. The passengers of BMW escaped the brutal scene with minor injuries. Footage of the crash shows the accident as it occurred. It is not clear why the driver was speeding although it would seem that the BMW had the right of way at that time.

The parents of Christina Witter and Philbert Williams Jr. (the driver) were in complete shock. Philbert’s father claimed that his son was a very good driver and couldn’t possibly have been speeding. The footage, however, shows a different story. Not only was the driver speeding, but he ran a red light as well. The people of the BMW were not charged for the accident.

Intoxicated Driver’s Auto Accident Attorney gets her Sentence Reduced

In 2013, Ayisha Dobson was arrested and charged with reckless driving, manslaughter, DWI and criminally negligent homicide. She had been intoxicated (drunk) while driving her Nissan Ultima a few minutes after 4 in the morning. The crash that resulted claimed the life of Ayisha’s friend, Janice Brown. The two other passengers of the crash escaped with minor injuries.

Her trial has been ongoing ever since. Last month, the court decided to acquit her of her manslaughter charges although she has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide. This means she could face up to four years in prison following her sentencing in December. Brown’s family is devastated and her sister is especially displeased with the court ruling stating that drunk driving was something she did regularly. The district attorney of this case stated that Ayisha blatantly disregarded the rules of the road. Ayisha’s lawyer argued that there was no proof of his client’s intoxication on the night of the crash.

Glad that the ordeal is behind them, Janice Brown’s family members are not completely satisfied with the court ruling. Her sentencing will occur on the 5th of December this year.


There are many factors that come into play when an accident occurs, particularly a serious one. Some drivers are intoxicated while they drive. Others do not pay attention to road safety rules and others go over the speed limit. In the first unfortunate accident, the two people traveling in the speeding car were not spared. Both young lives were taken out in the blink of an eye. In the second, another young life was claimed due to recklessness and the auto accident lawyer of the accused somehow got her a lighter sentence than she would otherwise have received. Three families are devastated at their loss and have to face the grief these accidents have brought them. The rules of the road were made for a reason. They should be followed at all times.

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