Tracy Morgan Not Yet Recovered From Brain Injury After Accident

Tracy Morgan Not Yet Recovered From Brain Injury After Accident

Alexisnunez Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock comic, is just trying to recover from his brain injury after a car accident in June, according to his lawyer. Nobody knows how he will get over it and he is trying to get back to his normal life, Benedict Morelli added.

A Walmart truck caused the accident by crashing into Tracy Morgan`s limousine bus, according to the injured.

James McNair also died in a car crash in June 7 right on the New Jersey Turnpike. Morgan, a former star at Saturday Night Live, also broke his leg, ribs and nose. Moreover, his lawyers have met in New Jersey in order to arrange what they are going to do to fight against Walmart in an attempt to get the compensation their client claims.

Morgan is not better after spending many weeks in hospital and also in rehab, said his accident lawyer. He also hopes his client get back to work soon. Kevin Roper, the WalMart’s truck driver, has also been charged with 4 counts of assault and death by auto.

Walmart Says Was Their Fault

Walmart representatives have said that McNair`s death and Morgan`s injuries are party their fault as they did not use seatbelts.

His lawyer is not certain whether Morgan will recover completely safe from the brain injury over time, which was in fact a traumatic procedure. The injured suffered a lot of things while recovering in addition to his brain injury.

Morgan sued Bentonville, which is a Walmart store at Arkansas, whose truck has been involved in the car accident. On Tuesday, Morgan`s lawyers met with a state judge to agree on a schedule, and he was not at the proceeding at all.

Morgan and many of his friends were in their way back from Delaware when their limo van was slammed by a Walmart truck. Two of them were seriously injured, three injured in total and one of them was killed. Next Morgan had to spend many weeks in hospital and in rehab.

His lawyer also said that his client is not fully recovered from the car crash at all, though he did not give the media specific details about his client`s condition.

Auto Accident Lawyer Expecting Recovery

“We do know how my client will get over this traumatic situation or the way his is going to deal with it after his recovery” said his auto accident lawyer.

Morgan is trying to live his life as a normal human being and trying to get better over time, but he is not better yet, said his lawyer. Morgan`s family members and friends are praying for his quick recovery so that they can have him back living his life, but nobody knows what will happen.

Morgan was supposed to start filming again in August but put this off after his car accident. He has sued Walmart for compensatory and punitive damages. Walmart`s lawyers did not say a word after attending the case`s proceedings. Kevin Roper, the driver involved in the accident, filed to have this lawsuit delayed while this case proceeds.

The National Transportation Safety Board carried out an investigation wherein Roper was said to be driving 65 mph right before slapping into Morgan`s limousine bus.

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