Tracy Morgan Battling Severe Brain Injury After Fatal Car Accident.

Tracy Morgan Battling Severe Brain Injury After Fatal Car Accident.

Tracy Morgan is still undergoing medical checkups after incurring severe brain injury in a devastating car accident when a trailer plowed into the back of Tracy’s limo. Morgan suffered broken ribs, brain injury and a broken leg, while his colleague Jimmy Mcnair was killed and two of Morgan’s friends, Ardley Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea were badly injured.

Benedict Morelli ascertained that Morgan has incurred major brain damage and remains uncertain if he will be the 30 rock and a former Saturday Night Live star he once was. His family and the other survivors have filed a lawsuit in the New Federal Court against Wal-Mart Store whose truck was involved in the crash.

A Wal-Mart Store truck slammed into the limo carrying Morgan and his friends on their way from a show in Delaware. Two people were seriously injured while one person was killed. Traumatic brain injury is a serious medical problem that takes a very longtime to find out how the patient is doing and how much the patient is going to recover’, Morgan doctor said.

Morgan’s family has filed lawsuit with Accident lawyer against Wal-Mart Store.

Morgan’s family has filed auto accident lawsuit against Wal-Mart store and the truck driver Kevin Roper with auto accident lawyer. The preliminary investigations by the NTSB (National Safety Transportation Board) released in June indicated that the truck driver was driving at 65 mph before slamming into the back of Morgan’s limo. The speed limit on that road is 55 mph but was still lowered to 45 mph that day because of the construction that was ongoing.

If the truck driver was especially careless, he may receive punitive damages which will be imposed by the court. The plaintiffs are likely to receive compensatory damages which include;
– Cost of medical bills.
– Loss of earning capacity.
– Lost wages.
– Property loss.
– Emotional distress.

Pain and suffering.

If the accident caused strain in his relationship, Morgan is likely to be compensated for loss of consortium.

In other news, a newly wedded bridegroom was killed in a car accident few hours after wedding. Tim Tebbe, the bridegroom driver lost control of the pickup when he was driving the couple to get wedding present. The accident killed Andrew Bloomberg, the bridegroom, and Elizabeth Shelton, and injured Tim Tebbe, and Ruth Bloomberg the bride. The Wyandot county Sheriff Mike Hetzel said that over speeding and alcohol were the major causes of the crash. He must ne driving more than 100 mph’, Sheriff said. Tebbe was charged on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty. The bride said she didn’t want to see her friend, Tebbe in jail. He will deal with it the rest of his life,’’ she said.

More than 30 people get involved in car accidents all over the world. There are many causes of increased car accidents including; bad weather condition, reckless driving, faulty car, alcohol and drugs. If you have lost your loved one, or you have incurred injury associated with auto accidents, you are eligible to file auto accident lawsuit with auto accident lawyer. To secure evidences and witnesses, it is very important to file a lawsuit as soon as possible.

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