Three Killed, Three Injured in a Chain-Reaction Accident

Three Killed, Three Injured in a Chain-Reaction Accident

What began as an act of goodwill quickly turns into a dark nightmare as three family members are killed in a chain-reaction accident.

An incident in Brooklyn has left 3 dead, 3 injured and thousands in mourning. This was after eight men stopped to help a woman who they spotted standing along the road next to her damaged SUV, which had hit a black bear that was crossing the road. According to the police, the woman was driving only to hit the running bear over the weekend. The three dead men were in a group of eight who were returning home after a duck-hunting trip and had stopped by the road to assist the stranded woman when the accident happened.

Family lawyer visits the scene

Speaking to the press, the family auto accident lawyer said that the three were killed a few minutes after they had climbed out of their three pickup trucks which they had been using to travel for their hunting trip. Unknown to the eight, their act of help would quickly turn to a dark moment of death and injuries after a car rammed into them along the remote road a few miles from the northwest interstate. Those killed in the crash were aged between 40 and 50 years and were pronounced dead right at the scene of the accident.

One of the injured was quoted telling his auto accident attorney that their intention was to offer help to the woman but oblivious to them, their act of goodwill only resulted in the loss of their loved ones and injuries for the others. “This is a very sad day for us. We never thought our being helpful could land us into such serious trouble”, one of the survivors was quoted saying.

What turned into a chain-reaction accident took place at around 8 p.m. when the SUV driver heading south ran into the black bear which was trying to cross the road in a place with thick bushes, according to the police. The impact of the corrosion killed the bear instantly but the driver of the SUV car, a lady was not injured. Immediately the duck hunters disembarked from their trucks, a car heading north hit the damaged SUV, struck one of the pickups on the side and then rolled over a few times, hitting six of the good Samaritans. The dead are members of the same family and have been identified, according to the area police.

Injured treated in two local hospitals

According to the police spokeswoman, one of the car accident victims who were part of the eight duck hunters notified his attorney who visited the scene immediately. She said that although the man was terribly shaken, his reaction to the incident was bravely and advised members of the public to have their lawyer’s contacts always in the case of such unexpected incidents. The dead were taken to the local morgue while those injured were airlifted to two different hospitals where they are receiving medical attention. Those not injured were also taken to the local hospital for counseling to help deal with the trauma before being released to go home.

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