The Role of New York Yellow Cab Accident Attorney

The Role of New York Yellow Cab Accident Attorney

New York and yellow cab accident attorney

Most people wonder why they have to contact the services of a yellow cab accident attorney in New York. Well, this article will explain that. Yellow cabs and livery cabs transport thousands of people around New York everyday. Statistics show that around 250 million people are ferried around the city by these cabs every year. An average New Yorker uses a cab around 100 times every year. And even if you do not get into this cabs regularly, you will always brush shoulders with them as you drive your personal car, ride your bike or walk to the curb. How safely they are driven therefore should be a general concern for everyone.

As a passenger in these cabs, you have a right to be driven safely. Not only because of the fact that you pay for the transport but also because New York legal framework is interested in having everyone driven safely. Whenever a yellow or livery cab driver is reckless, they put you, the passenger, bike rider or pedestrian, at the risk of getting injured in a road accident. You surely do not want this, do you? A road accident would cause untold suffering to you and your family. It could lead to a long period of hospitalization and even death. These are some of the reasons you need a yellow cab accident attorney.

Yellow cab accident attorney should help put a stop to this road craze

Some of the reckless things that yellow cab drivers do on New York roads include over-speeding. New York traffic rules have a speed limit that no driver should exceed. But in the hurry to earn lots of money, these yellow cab drivers will be eager to drop one passenger and collect another. They will also want to recklessly change from one lane to the other without caring what snarl-up they will cause in New York traffic. Other cab drivers will drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Intoxicated drivers make poor decisions and they might even misjudge distances therefore bumping into other vehicles or road walls. Others will drive while they are on their cell phones which distracts them from driving which could lead to accidents. This is illegal according to New York traffic rules. Other malicious actions done by yellow cab drivers is making sudden stops and starts in the middle of the road which puts other road users at risk.

In case you see your cab driver engaging in such reckless and malicious activities, you should see a yellow cab accident attorney. You want New York city to be a safe haven where no road accidents are reported, don’t you? Well, you then have a role to play.

What a yellow cab accident attorney does for you

Anytime you are involved in a road accident because the cab driver was negligent, you should contract the services of a New York yellow cab accident attorney to get you compensated. The attorney will see to it that the reckless cab driver is sued and punished accordingly in a court of law.

In case a family friend of yours got incapacitated or died in a cab accident, these lawyers will come to your rescue. They will make sure that justice is done and that you get good compensation for all the costs that you might have undergone. Some of these costs include:

1. Medical bills incurred when one is hospitalized after an accident
2. The psychological and emotional trauma that might need a therapists to rectify
3. Loss of efficiency at work and salary cut since one is not as productive as earlier.
4. Cost of funeral services

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