The Brooklyn Law Office: Protecting the Community

The Brooklyn Law Office: Protecting the Community

If you’ve been hurt in an auto collision as a result of neglect, the
seasoned injury attorneys of Brooklyn law office can lend you a helping
hand. We use our intensive expertise and litigation capabilities to
optimize your compensation. Our legal professionals understand the
detrimental measure of your great loss and are dedicated to assisting
you through this difficult experience. At Brooklyn Law Office, we
realize no quantity of payment can alter a mishap, but we are going to
perform relentlessly to see that you receive the settlement you are
entitled to. Allow us to assist you and your household proceeds with
simplicity. Contact us now!

About the Brooklyn Law Office

At the Brooklyn office, we have a strong belief in helping our clients
battle for the maximum compensation. Dedicated representation is what
our firm is most known for, and we are here to help you settle proceed
forward with conviction and confidence in your case. We handle various
different cases in clients inside the area, and also on the state level.
We are advocates of the law, and extremely committed to learning law
updates as they become available. This makes our law firm accountable
for providing our clients with all the resources they will ever need.

Brooklyn Law Office: The Facts

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2010
adults operating vehicles while intoxicated exceeded 110 million times.
This is alarming, and what’s more dangerous is the fact that number is
not the exact number of arrest cases for DWI (Driving While
Intoxicated). Shockingly enough, the CDC reports that the average person
to get arrested has driven over 75 times before getting caught!

Brooklyn Law Office: Don’t Drink and Drive

Do not take this issue lightly. The only way to decrease the number of
drunk driving incidents is by educating the public. Drunk driving is a
major problem in New York. According to The National Highway Safety
Administration (NHTSA) one out of every three people become injured in
an auto collision related to drunk driving.

If that is stat is not staggering, think about those who choose to drink
and drive without realizing the threat they pose to innocent unknowing
victims. The average person can only digest one drink an hour; The norm
is feeling the buzz, the danger is not knowing you are actually
intoxicated way over the limit.

Brooklyn Law Office: BAC

BAC or “Blood Alcohol Content refers to your actual level of alcohol
toxins running through your veins. Often times we notice police running
tests to measure drivers by breath, blood, and urine. In most areas of
the country, it is highly illegal to operate heavy machinery with a BAC
over .08.

The Brooklyn law office will assist you in any case that involves injury
due to drunk driving collisions. Driving drunk not only endangers the
lives of others. But you place yourself in grave danger. Drinking
distorts the vision and disrupts your perception, judgment, and
reaction time. A split second could be the difference in you losing your

Brooklyn Law Office: Fighting Car Accidents

Most citizens rather not stand up to giant corporations. In fact, this
drives our law office to fight even harder, because we understand the
need of the people. Many large insurance firms engage in procedures that
include delays, and pressure techniques to influence you to drop your
case or accept a lower settlement.

With today’s economic climate, this makes sense because people are
living paycheck to paycheck more than ever, and may find defeat as the
only option. We are here to tell you we have all the resources you will
ever need.

Brooklyn Law Office: Protecting the Community

We are located in Brooklyn, waiting to help serve you any way we can.
Please do not hesitate to give us a ring if you find yourself in a
situation that needs professional legal assistance right now. After all,
we have our resources built into this community that we envisioned to

No one knows your own backyard like you do. The same is true when it
comes to legal practices. With our extensive network of professionals,
you will have peace of mind in knowing that someone is available to help
you with your unexpected dilemma. Give us a call today, and find out
how the Brooklyn Law Office can help put peace back into your unsettled
environment now!

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