The Automobile Accident Attorney – A Brief Glance at the Job

The Automobile Accident Attorney – A Brief Glance at the Job


If you have ever questioned what an automobile accident attorney really does, you are possibly not alone. Apart from observing them on commercials which play in the afternoon chat shows, most individuals probably are not so familiar with their function in the modern civil law scheme. Worse, spin and fiction from the insurance sector have turned these attorneys into greedy villains, helping unscrupulous accident victims to play a type of lawful lottery, with huge business hosting the tab. Not any of that bears any similarity to the reality, of course, although few individuals care to scratch below the surface to get out. Here is a glance at the job of an auto accident attorney and everything that it entails.

Personal injury

When an accident occurs unexpectedly and you sustain physical injuries because of another person’s carelessness, then it is called a personal injury. In such a case, the amount of reparation to be provided by the offender depends on the damages to property and physical injuries that you have suffered. During a crash, you may sustain minor or severe injuries. The different types of physical harms that come in the personal injury purview include cuts, bruises, and damaged bones. At times, you may sustain irreversible or permanent damages like mental trauma, and the worse situation is death.

The automobile accident attorney operates in a wider area of law referred to as personal injury. The field comprises court proceedings which deal with individuals who have sustained injuries due to someone else’s carelessness. The “someone else” may be a company or another individual. Personal injury may describe a case in which a person fell off faulty ladder one day together with a case in which an individual slipped on a peel of a banana the next. Certainly, in this case, we are speaking about car collisions that occur when one party might have done something to prevent it.

Insurance companies

In most cases like these, the automobile accident attorney goes for the insurance company. Drivers, of both heavy trucks and small cars, are insured for several reasons, the main reason being that they do not desire to be on the trap for hundreds of dollars in medical bills and property damage should anything go wrong. However, insurance companies do not want to make payments on such settlements, either. They will often try to settle directly with the victims in efforts to make little payments as possible. This is when the wise person will stop communication and call an auto accident attorney since direct settlements hardly turn out well.

Lawsuits and negotiations

Different from what most individuals assume, very few instances of personal injuries actually become proceedings that undergo trials in courts of law. Nobody wants that, in case it is avoidable. The victim does not want it since it might drag proceedings for several years. The insurance firm does not want it since Juries are very unpredictable and they might end up with a ruling against them, which is far away from what they could settle in private. Therefore, the automobile accident attorney will generally try to get the common view with the insurance firm, getting the cash their client deserves exclusive of having to go through lengthy trials.

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