Sue Me…for What?

Sue Me…for What?

The son of a family thought he had the best excuse in the world after an accident before a car accident lawyer Brooklyn got involved. Soon after graduating from college he headed home to begin his careeer. Unfortunately, before he could start a job, he was asked by his parents to run an errand for which he needed to use the family car. Unfortunately, it was while using said family car that he became involved in an auto accident in the nearby parking lot. In the course of this accident, the driver of the car he hit suffered neck injuries that she soon sued the family for return of not only for the repair of her case, but her medical expenses as well. The woman also had suffered minor losses due to missed work and other expenses.

Liability? What Liability? Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

The lawsuit against the driver’s family began with no problem until a response to the suit arrived claiming that the person named in the lawsuit was not driving the car on the date and at the time indicated by the lawsuit. Further, the response indicated, the real driver of the vehicle was the son of the owner and he had not been authorized by the owner to use the car, making him responsible for the liability, not his parents. Making matters worse, it was aledged, the driver son had no assets that could be sued for, making the lawsuit all for nothing.

The Truth Revealed by a Car Accident Lawyer Brooklyn

All of this might have made for a good story in a law class, but it wasn’t true if the information the plaintiff’s car accident lawyer Brooklyn had gathered was true. From the very beginning, according to the lawyer, this might have made a good story in a crime novel, but not in real life. The lawyer smelled an all too convenient rat. According to sources that the lawyer’s investigator had been able to uncover, they had been told by the son that instead of driving on his own volition, the truth was that he was driving on his way to pick up his brother at a band lesson at his parent’s instruction. This meant, as a result, that he was driving with his parent’s permission and not on his own as he claimed, making the parents very much responsible for the actions of the driver. It was soon afterwards that the true nature of the driver’s purpose of being out that day came forward, and an equitable settlement deal was proposed.

Needless to say, the case was not turning out as the family had hoped, much to the approval of the injured plaintiff. Once the evidence was uncovered by the plaintiff’s car accident lawyer Brooklyn and a case summary was presented to the defendants and their insurance company, everyone was anxious to settle the matter out of court, which is what was done. Fortunately, at least in this case, not only does crime not pay, but not even a case of small time deception.

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