Successful personal injuries cases in New York

Successful personal injuries cases in New York

There are diverse scenarios where enlisting the services of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney New York can be indispensable. Accidents especially those that arise from the negligence of others can never be anticipated and if you happen to undergo such an ordeal it is only right you receive an appropriate compensation.

Reduction of quality of life

Many personal injury lawsuits dwell on the pertinent issue of deterioration of the quality of life most victims’ experience. Whether in terms of being no longer able to maintain gainful employment, serious health complications as well as grisly mutilations. Such lawyers are out of necessity highly skilled in the art of determining, based on medical assessment, just what compensation is ideal for victims.

Some of the most notable personal injury attorney New York cases

Naturally, there happen to be plenty of such lawsuits that have occurred in this State and this article is geared at reviewing some of the most notable.

Broome County baby medical malpractice case

The New York legal fraternity was very recently shocked after a judge awarded a Broome County victim one of the largest personal injury compensation. Not only in New York, but also the entire US. The victim happened to be a baby who suffered brain damage from complications at birth due to medical malpractice. In a nutshell, with the assistance of a team of highly conversant lawyers the parents of this unfortunate child were able to receive $103,000,000 in damages.

Motor vehicle personal injury case

A short while ago a pedestrian who was struck down by a bus suffered the loss of her legs and was able to get a compensation verdict of $27,000,000 thanks to her astute lawyers. Which is undeniably one of the highest for such accidents in the history of the State of New York.

Con Edison personal injury settlement

On the other hand, some unfortunate tenants who got injured due to the gross negligence of Con Edison when a gas pipe exploded were also able to get a significant compensation. Which came by as a result of an out of court settlement negotiated by their attorneys to the tune of $14,000,000.

Former Pepsi plant construction personal injury accident

Finally, very recently a construction worker was able to land a compensation of $25,000,000 for injuries he sustained while carrying out his duties. In essence, this man had the misfortune of falling 23 feet from a scaffold during the tearing down of the former Pepsi plant located in Long Island. This compensation was negotiated in an out of court settlement.

Personal injury lawyers bring with them a wealth of skills and experience

In all these cases, it is evident that the services of a professional personal injury attorney New York played a substantial role in their favorable culmination. These lawyers make it their business to assist unfortunate individuals that have suffered grievous bodily harm as well as psychological trauma due to the carelessness or willful negligence of others. As would be expected such lawsuits are for the most part intricate and necessitate strict adherence to the laid down legal procedures. And getting able representation can be the key for victims to get the justice they deserve. Particularly when it comes to conducting out of court settlement negotiations and also trial lawsuits on behalf of their clients.

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