Protect your assets, call a car accident attorney today.

Protect your assets, call a car accident attorney today.


When you experience a car accident, it is a traumatic event. The top priority when you are involved in an accident is the persons involved. Their health and your health is priceless. The anxiety, worry, and fear of your health and the ones involved is overwhelming. First steps to take in an accident it to make sure the emergency crew and police get to the scene. Do not indicate any fault, even if you were, and most importantly, and present all the paperwork to the proper authorities upon request. This will prevent you receiving any unnecessary tickets. After the health of everyone is stable, then and only then you should call a lawyer. With the emotional turmoil involved in accidents and a thousand other decisions to make with the insurance and persons involved, an attorney can help protect your finances and get you the proper dollar amount.

What can a car accident attorney do for me?

A car accident attorney can do many things to aide in your recovery. The attorney will handle all the phone calls to the insurance claims company from your own and the other party involved. They will assess the medical bills in conjunction with the time off of work to find a proper settlement. They will make sure the book does in the investigation legally. Most importantly, your attorney is there for you. All you need to worry about is your recovery. The attorney handles all the paperwork behind the suit.

How much will the car accident attorney cost?

The car accident attorney costs may vary. It all depends on if the lawyer is involved with a firm that only does hourly rates. The other option is the lawyer could work on a pro-bono basis. A pro-bono basis is if you win, then the lawyer will get a percentage of the winnings. If you lose the case, then the lawyer gets no pay. Also, the pay could also be a flat fee. This flat fee could include a specific amount of work and then it could turn to an hourly rate. No matter how the fee is paid, a contract will be drawn up in specific detail and signed by both parties.

If you are involved in a car accident, take a huge portion of the stress off your mind and hire a car accident attorney. Car accident attorneys are in the business of making sure; all your financial needs, medical and personal are met. You do not have to go with the first lawyer you meet. Most lawyers will offer a half hour consultation for free. This is the opportunity for you to give a quick overview of your case, ask all the questions you have, and get a feel for their personality. Before you make a decision on the lawyer, talk with your loved ones involved in it. Find the one that gives the best outlook for your case, that is financially reasonable, and most importantly, the lawyer that you trust the most.

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