Personal Injury Lawyer after Tragedy

Personal Injury Lawyer after Tragedy

The number of people getting injured in Brooklyn NYC as a result of negligence and wrongdoing of other parties is on the rise. There is need to engage a personal injury lawyer when involved in such a situation to avoid further suffering and the financial burden that follows. There are a variety of events that can result in injury including automobiles, work injuries, and even medical mistakes. While others are fairly common, vehicular accidents are the most common within New York. Some of these end with fatalities while others cause grave psychological and physical damage.

Accident at Borough Park

On 2nd December 2014, a horrific car crash occurred in Borough Park resulting in death and severe injuries. The accident was as a result of the negligent driver who allegedly took a vehicle without authorization from the Royal Parking garage. The Honda minivan that he was driving hit a mother and a daughter at an intersection. The ten-year-old girl did not survive the impact and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Maimonides Medical Center. Her mother who was pregnant received injuries that resulted in a coma. She was hospitalized in the Lutheran Medical Hospital where she gave birth and has since stabilized along with the newborn child.

The police from NYPD as well as the FDNY were on the scene in a timely manner after the occurrence of the accident. The woman was caught under the van by the head with the rest of the body sticking out. The scene was horrible and draws attention to the poor driving and inattention on roads. The driver works with a catering company in the locality and took the vehicle without consent. It was unclear whether it belonged to one of the patrons who used valet parking. The NYPD charged him with using the car without authorization and a violation related to marijuana.

Even with the weather conditions that make the road slippery, people continually ignore simple regulations. The stop signs, speed limits and the red lights do not seem to matter anymore and this poses a danger to the residents of Brooklyn. Fatalities are on the rise and it is more tragic when children are involved. While caution should be upheld, it is clear that individuals and businesses should be more vigilant with regard to how they handle vehicular situations. The concern posed by this situation is the lack sufficient security at the parking garage which allowed the driver to take a vehicle illicitly without a problem. His employers also failed to realize that he had an active warrant due to a marijuana related offense. Being more cautious can save lives and prevent vehicular fatalities and injuries.

Engaging a Personal Injury Lawyer

The implications of any accident are usually of great magnitude and it is important to be prepared. It is overwhelming to deal with all the situations that will arise. An expert will advise you on the course of action to take and whether the pursuit of compensation is wise. By engaging such services, the legal issues will be resolved more quickly and with objectivity. Consider the benefits of this expertise for your situation.

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