Parents Angry After Driver Who Ran Over 3-Year-Old Has Tickets Dismissed

Parents Angry After Driver Who Ran Over 3-Year-Old Has Tickets Dismissed

Parents of a three-year-old daughter are furious after the SUV driver who ran over their child, Allison Liao was set free in Queens, New York. Liao was killed when the driver lost control of the vehicle and rolled over killing the girl. Liao was walking with her grandmother from a supermarket in New York when she was struck and killed. The family is furious because the driver was not punished for the wrongful death of their child.

The girl’s family filed wrongful death lawsuit early last year over the tragedy. The judgment was passed on November 24th, 2014. According to the witnesses, it seems outrageous that a driver who struck a young girl in a broad daylight has been set free without any punishment. The family argued that the accident was caused by careless driving or the driver was under influence of drugs. If the driver was truly under the influence of drugs such as alcohol or prescription drugs, a DUI attorney would help the family claim compensation for wrongful death.


With accident lawyer, the family would be compensated for:

  • Medical and burial expenses – because the little girl died while receiving medication in a local hospital, the family would get compensation for all the medical expenses incurred and the funeral expenses.
  • Future earning- the family would also be compensated for lost future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering they have undergone- the family would also be compensated for the pain and suffering they have undergone for losing their only daughter.
  • Punitive damages- the driver would also punish for egregious or intentional negligence causing the death. There are other compensations that the family would receive depending on the strength of the accident lawyer that represented the family.


According to the judge, there was no clear evidence to support that the driver was under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred. In addition, the defendant team was strong enough to convince the jury that the accident was grandmother’s fault.

Plaintiff lacked right legal team.

The plaintiff had a poor legal representation because the legal team was led by the insurance provider lawyer. This is probably the reasons they lost the case. This clearly points the importance of looking for the right legal team.

In another accident, a car crash killed 5 people. An SUV exploded into flame after hitting a concrete pillar on Sunday morning killing 3 women and two children. The witnesses said that the SUV was over speeding before hitting the concrete pillar. The accident left more than seven pedestrians critically injured. Preliminary investigations indicate that over speeding was the major cause of the accident. The three women were declared dead at the scene of the accident while the two children died while receiving treatment at the nearby hospital.

File a lawsuit with the accident lawyer.

If you have lost your loved one to the car accident, you are entitled to file wrongful death lawsuit. it is very important to have the right legal team who will protect your rights and interest and also ensure you receive fair compensation.

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