New York State No Fault Law – A Disective Study

New York State No Fault Law – A Disective Study

New York State No Fault Law

As per the above law, its required that every running motor vehicle should provide personal injury protection coverage, so that when a motor vehicle accident occur, the injured parties shall receive the benefits, irrespective of how the accident occurred. Its a misunderstanding that the No-Fault Law shall fully reimburse all the expenses of the injured parties. The insurance only provides a portion of the financial expenses incurred, which shall normally include all the medical expenses, lost expenses and some other reasonable expenses like travel expenses, household help, prescriptions, to name a few. The benefits are normally limited to $50,000 unless they are liable for additional benefits.

For the benefit to be claimed, a claim should be filed within 30 days. If the claim is filed after this date, it shall lead to reduced benefits or even loss of benefits. The claim should be made to the insurance company of the vehicle, and the company shall pay no more than $50,000 as the benefits. The insurance does not cover the people in a motorcycle, but does cover the pedestrians hit by a motorcycle.

New York No Fault Insurance

The No-Fault Insurance residing in the state of New York is the coverage under the insurance policy currently existing in New York, whereby you are liable for benefits in case of a motor vehicle accidents. No-Fault insurance does not cover motor cycle drivers, motor cycle travelers or accidents with uninsured vehicles. The insurance may not apply for non New York residents. Its recommended to ask the officials if you qualify in case you are a non New York resident. Even if the accident occur with you in an uninsured vehicle, as long as that vehicle doesn’t belong to your spouse or someone that lives under your roof, you are liable for the benefits.

In case of you being a NY resident and an accident occurs with your insured vehicle outside the state of New York, you are still liable. In all the probability, the benefits should cover the entire US and even Canada. The insurance policy also come with additional benefits at small cost to you. Its recommended that you talk with your insurance agent about OBEL coverage and APIP coverage. Also, the medical bills should be submitted before 45 days of the incident, and any failure to do so, may result in loss of the above benefits.

No Fault Insurance Laws

As per the law under the insurance policy in the state of New York, once the claim has been filed under the no-fault law, the claimer shall have given up their right to sue the other driver. The no-fault insurance law is introduced so that the accident cases reaching the court can be reduced. It also reduce the auto insurance premiums by reducing the number of motor vehicle accidents in courts. These laws fall under the pure no fault law.

But 13 of the No fault states of US have adopted a modified form of no fault law, by which the claimer shall be liable for the benefits and they still do not have to give up their right to sue the other involved parties.

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