Insurance companies are always trying to sell the idea that in case of an injury, if your car is visibly undamaged, then it more likely that you are not seriously hurt. However much they emphasize using cunning explanations, this theory is not true. In fact even a low speed car accident can cause collisions on the steering wheel and the sides of the car which can lead to body injuries or even worse brain injuries without causing much damage to the exterior of the vehicle. Perhaps as a measure to reduce the number of people demanding compensation under the New York no fault law, insurance companies think this is the way to go yet they forget that in the process they disregard the majority who should be genuine beneficiaries of the policy.

The New York no fault law is any type of insurance policy where the individuals insured are compensated by their insurance companies regardless of a fault in an incident that results in losses. It is not very different from first party insurance cover with the only difference being that here the term “No fault” is commonly used in the context of New York automobile insurance laws where policy holders are reimbursed by their insurance companies without a fault or proof. However, they are also restricted the right to seek recovery through the civil justice system for the losses caused by other parties.

If you have a New York no fault insurance cover, two important things normally happen after an accident. First, the No fault insurance clears your lost wages and medical bills. This measure is applied most accidents with an exception of those involving heavy trucks, motorcycles and buses. Next, a lawsuit whose intention is not to prove who may be at fault in any given accident may be filed. The no fault law includes compensation for serious injuries and recovery of pain and suffering among the covered individuals. Many conflicts regarding this policy normally arise from this section.

Due to these confusions, the New York no-fault insurance laws have been carefully structured to cover accidents that end up causing what is referred to as serious injuries. The injuries include; dismemberment, death from the accident, bone fractures, significant disfigurements, traumatic abortion, inability to conduct normal activities due to body impairments, significant limitation in the use of a body organ and consequential limitation in functionality of a body organ.

When involved in situations where getting compensation accordingly using your New York no fault law is causing loggerheads, then filing a lawsuit with the help of an experienced attorney is the best move forward. We understand what you are going through and we are passionate about providing quality services to all our clients since we believe in equality for all. If you happen to be injured by a reckless driver and the result has tampered with your bread-winning activities, we will ensure that we use all the possible legal tools in our armory to see that you and your family get a successful outcome from your injury claim.

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