New York no-fault auto insurance.

New York no-fault auto insurance.


New York No-Fault law stipulates that each and every motorist must have a policy that covers injury protection. This enables every person that may get injured in a vehicle accident to get compensation regardless of who was at fault. This helps all accident victims to be reimbursed whenever involved in an accident. This policy will cater for some lost income like earnings, travel expenses, medical bills, household issues and other possible losses that may be incurred both directly and indirectly. No Fault law NY limits benefits to 50,000 dollars though someone can apply and buy additional benefits.

A claim must be applied for within thirty days of the accident or else the benefits may be reduced or may lead to loss of the benefits. The claim should be filed with the insuring company of the vehicle that the victim was in or in case you were a pedestrian, you file claim against the company of the vehicle that hit you. The policy company will only pay a maximum of 50,000 dollars and not more unless there were additional benefit purchases.

In cases the vehicle that caused an accident is not insured, then the selling company of the vehicle will have to file for the No-Fault benefits or you can file using any of your household member’s policy just in case you are not covered. You can still file a claim with the New York State Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC).

Though all the above, there are cases in which one can be involved in an accident and not get the No-Fault benefit, for instance, a non-insured bicycle cycle is hit by a non-insured vehicle, in this case, there will be no benefit. Also, noninsured drivers don’t get the benefits if they are driving noninsured vehicle and an accident occurs. New York No-Fault law states that no benefits will go to anybody that was driving drunk or under the influence of drugs in the time of the accident or decided to cause an accident intentionally.

New York No-Fault auto insurance policy requires that the benefits be paid in less than thirty days from the date that all necessary application documents were received. In this case, one has to bear in mind that the policy company can only compensate up to 80% of the victim’s earning and with a maximum limit of 2,000 dollars. This lost earning benefit will run for three years or to a maximum of 50,000 dollars.

In case of an accident leading to death, the No-Fault insurance will pay a sum of 2,000 dollars as death benefit and for the case of disability resulting from an accident, the policy company will pay you for 26 weeks and later for three years, this will only happen if the doctor approves that your disability is permanent and you are ineligible to work anymore. If your family members are affected by the accident and they are not able to request for the benefits, you still ought to apply for the benefits on their behalf since the city laws allow you to pursue benefits from that end.

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