Medical Malpractice Alleged to Cause Child’s Cerebral Palsy In Lawsuit By Oregon Family

Medical Malpractice Alleged to Cause Child’s Cerebral Palsy In Lawsuit By Oregon Family

PeachTree3 Birth injuries are a real and serious issue that affect more families than is preferable. Such was the case for Derrick and Elizabeth Ramseyer. The couple’s child together is named Maverick. Maverick developed normally during the pregnancy process but developed cerebral palsy after birth, a neurological condition that gets in the way of body movement as well as coordination. The Ramseyers believe that Maverick was injured as a result of medical negligence as well as malpractice by the doctors of Silverton Hospital.

Ramseyers File Lawsuit Against Silverton Hospital, Doctors, and Clinics

The Ramseyers filed a lawsuit with Marion County Circuit Court and listed a total of three doctors as well as two clinics and Silverton Hospital as the defendants. They decided to seek $40 million in economic and non-economic damages. The defendants filed responses that denied the allegations, and trial was set for January 20, 2015.

As for Maverick, he’s working his way through his disorder. Each developmental stage has its own challenges, and Maverick will likely need to have a brace on his right leg for what will likely be the rest of his life. The brace helps to correct his foot and also his calf muscle, which is constantly constricted.

Elizabeth Ramseyer’s Pregnancy Plan

Elizabeth had a pregnancy that was healthy by all accounts. She had heard positive things about Dr. Denis Dalisky and Silverton Hospital and ended up choosing Dalisky as her obstetrician. Elizabeth said that she liked the birthing center, how quaint it was and the fact that they ‘send you home with lasagna and give you back massages’. She said it sounded like a spa.

Elizabeth had a birth plan that did not include drugs but would allow for an epidural if the pain was too overwhelming, with a Cesarian section fine with her if it was necessary. She says the idea whether Silverton had a neonatal intensive care unit never crossed her mind. In fact, the only hospital in Mid-Valley with a NICU was Salem Hospital.

Maverick’s Birth

Elizabeth went to the hospital overdue by 15 days on December 11, 2007. Labor-inducing drugs were given to her, with the dosage increased. Elizabeth was told to begin pushing, even though his head wasn’t positioned at the cervix. The lawsuit alleges distress from this, and Maverick’s heart rate dropped for six minutes to 60 beats a minute.

They decided to deliver him through an emergency C-section. Maverick had inhaled his own meconium. He was born on December 12, 2007, at 8:31 a.m. and was unable to breathe. The staff tried to resuscitate him with a face mask and oxygen bag and cleared his airway of meconium. The lawsuit alleges that the edotrachial tube was taken out for 45 minutes by Dr. James Walker.

By the time the OHSU team arrived at 10:30 a.m. and transported Maverick to the NICU, Maverick had brain damage from oxygen deprivation. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 2 years old.

The Ramseyers say that they were never aware their child could be in danger, and they only learned his condition could be the result of medical malpractice by going online. Oxygen deprivation at birth causes 5 to 10% of all cerebral palsy cases in children.

The Importance of Consulting Birth Injury Lawyers Brooklyn

If you think your child has been injured or negatively affected as a result of medical malpractice during birth, it’s important to meet with lawyers to find out if you have a case. Birth injury lawyers Brooklyn can help you get the information you need and determine if you have a case. Get in touch today and find out if your child was possibly injured as a result of medical malpractice and see what your legal options are.

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