Legal Consequences of Hit and Run Accidents in Broklyn, New York

Legal Consequences of Hit and Run Accidents in Broklyn, New York

Hit and run accidents have been on the increase in Brooklyn, New York. However, according to a leading accident attorney in Brooklyn, hit and run accident carry hefty legal consequences for the driver who chooses to take this option after an accident. The increased surveillance coverage and the improving investigation technology means that a driver has much less chances of escape after a hit and run accident. Some of the more recent hit and run incidences in Brooklyn, New York are described below.

Woman Dies in Hit and Run

In 5th November 2014, a driver driving a Hyundai Elantra hit a 46 year old woman at Union Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn and immediately drove off from the scene. The victim was taken to Lutheran Medical Center where she is recovering from critical injuries. The police are investigating this incident of hit and run and are said to have gotten major breakthrough in finding the victim after reviewing various surveillance videos. Some of the witnesses of this incident say that they saw the driver try to break at a red light but due to speeding, the driver was unable to bring the car to a halt. The witnesses say that the driver may have been driving at approximately 60 mph when the incident occurred. After failing to stop at the red light, the car proceeded to hit the woman who was crossing the adjacent road on a green light. The woman was hit to about 20 feet off the ground and the driver quickly escaped after hitting the lady. The incident occurred at about 12.30pm.

Hit and RUN BMW Leaves Trail of Destruction

In April 2014, a driver of a BMW valued at about $ 100,000 committed a series of accidents in Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. The driver who was said to have been speeding hit a cyclist at Myrtle Avenue and killed him. The driver immediately drove off on the wrong lane of Boyland Street and rammed into a Toyota 4-Runner. The driver of the Toyota and her daughter who was the only passenger in the car were rushed to Kings County Hospital after suffering various injuries. The driver of the BMW is said to have escaped from the accident scene before the police arrived. A hunt for the hit and run driver was immediately launched. The police from 73rd Precinct and NYPD Highway Division believe that it will not be long before they get to the suspect as the BMW details are already known and they are also in possession of surveillance footage that will help with this investigation.

Man Killed By Hit and Run in Brownsville, Brooklyn

On 1st November 2014, a 59 year old man was killed by a driver of a dark-colored sedan as he crossed Rockaway Parkway. The driver of the car was also said to have been speeding and knocked the victim near Clarkson Ave. The driver of the car drove off immediately after the accident. The victim was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital and was declared dead upon arrival. The incident happened at 2.20 am.

In New York, a driver who chooses to leave the crime scene without reporting to the police is charged with traffic infraction and if personal injury occurs, the suspect is further charged with misdemeanor. In case of death, the charges can go to several serious counts that may lead to long jail sentences. Reporting or waiting at the crime scene will always have more lenient consequences.

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