Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General, Recovering from Car Crash

Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General, Recovering from Car Crash

Alexis Nunez Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania Attorney General, had a car accident last week and is now recuperating from a somewhat mild concussion. The car accident occurred in a spot outside Scranton while she was going to morning appointments.

“She is recovering,” said Renee Martin, the Attorney General`s spokeswoman.

The agent that was in charge of driving the vehicle dropped his iPad and then hit a car while trying to grab the gadget, said Martin. The accident happened in Dunmore, a town near Scranton. The Attorney General was not wearing the seatbelt, but the police report said she was wearing seat and shoulder belts as well as two other members of the security detail. The roadway was wet and the street dark said the report.

The accident happened before 7 a.m. and the report has no information about how fast the vehicle was traveling. No emergency medical personnel transported Kane or her security detail to the hospital said the report. Although Kane went to the emergency room, the report said. The accident happened Oct. 21, but the office was releasing the information now due to some media inquiries.

She is Now Recovering

Kane is now recovering at home from her concussion. The driver took his eyes off the road just for a second, and then the car crash happened right away. Chestnut Street was the spot where the accident occurred, which is just one of the many streets in Dunmore, a beautiful borough in Lackawanna County.

Kane was sitting in the back seat and then hit her head right on the front seat. The report on the accident is the public record right now. Patrick Reese and Robert Ruddy were the agents inside the vehicle, but the report does not say who was driving the machine. Shortly after the car accident, they were taken to the hospital for observation and are now recovering at home. In addition, the report has two unspecified injuries with an agent reporting pain the next day. The Jeep Kane`s vehicle hit was unoccupied.

The spokeswoman said that the office was really happy for the concerned shown by the public. Kane`s agents also suffered some injuries, but the spokeswoman did not say anything about it.

What the Driver Said

Kane`s driver said his iPad had fallen off his seat onto the vehicle`s floor while turning onto Chestnut St. from Potter Street then hit a Jeep shortly after taking his eyes off the road just for a second.

There is no information on the damages the vehicles involved in the accident suffered, said Martin. On Friday, Kane`s office released the Dunmore Police report on the crash that happened Oct 21. Kane has been working from home as she recovers from the car accident, said Renee Martin. Shortly after the car accident, Kane, the driver, and a third passenger quickly sought hospital treatment. Kane is also planning on correcting the police report which states that she was wearing a seat belt. The spokeswoman also said that the vehicle was driving at just 15 miles an hour. During the car accident, Kane hit her head on a seat that was in front of her while flying forward.

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