How to Find the Right Auto Accident Attorney

How to Find the Right Auto Accident Attorney


It’s a requirement by law to purchase auto insurance policy for our vehicles. In case of injuries succumbed from an accident with an insured automobile, you should file an insurance claim to get compensated by the insurance company. Insurance companies may take advantage of such situations and fight against those claims. We need some justice to be done; hence we need an accident attorney to advocate for compensation. However, making a wise choice of a lawyer to help us through is usually not our priority. The priority in most cases is to get treatment and quick recovery, yet we still need that compensation heartlessly. This is a guide on how to find the right attorney for your claims.

Attributes of the Right Accident Attorney

Professional accident lawyers should operate on contingent fee agreements. The contingent fee agreement simply means that the lawyer gets a certain percentage of the compensation if you win the case. If you lose the case, then you owe him or her nothing. Other than this agreement, there are several other attributes that the right accident lawyer should possess.

The first attribute is knowledge. The attorney you hire must have sufficient professional knowledge of the law. Knowledge of both local and state laws provides the lawyer with sufficient ability to deduce solutions even with the most challenging cases. You can be intuitive and pose questions to the attorney with the aim of establishing their ability.

The second attribute to search for in a good personal accident lawyer is specialization. Your choice should fall on a practicing lawyer in personal or car accident law. This singular focus presents an opportunity for the lawyer to be more loaded with the relevant resources for your case.

The third attribute is the experience of the accident attorney. How many cases, similar to yours, has the lawyer represented in court? What is the case winning rate of the attorney? If you can get an answer to each of these two questions, then you can get an experienced lawyer. You can go through the testimonials and reviews of different lawyers and law firms with the aim of choosing the best.

The final attribute is accessibility of your attorney. Does the lawyer answer your phone calls in person? Your phone calls should not be answered by a secretary or any other paralegal. The right attorneys to go for are those that are always accessible, in person, for the needs of their clients. Your lawyer should find personal time with you and discuss your case.

Finally, this isn’t an attribute but a point to note. It is advisable to hire accident attorneys locally. Don’t search the web and then hire a lawyer from a foreign state. How will that lawyer be available in person for your help? Hire a lawyer whom you can make arrangements, book appointments and meet him or her at his or her office.

The Accident Attorney You Should Avoid

Some lawyers who represent insurance companies sometimes do claim to be personal accident lawyers. You should avoid any kind of lawyer who has got some history of representing insurance companies. Instead, go for an attorney who has always been involved in advocating for victims of auto accidents and personal injury.

In conclusion, the accident lawyer should honor your wishes as if you were his or her boss. For instance, if you wish to enter into a contingent fee agreement, the attorney should honor your wishes and sign the retainer agreement. The right accident attorney is the one who will guarantee you great financial settlement.

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