Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Accident

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Accident

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Accident

In the past years, several cases on accidents and injuries have been reported in Brooklyn, New York City. Some of the victims have had to hire lawyers to assist them in the legal process as they seek compensation. There are quite a number of accidents that have left people with various degrees of injuries and they still stand out up to date. The following are two specific cases which outline the magnitude of the accident and injuries suffered by the plaintiffs as well as the settlement in the 1st case since it’s a closed case.

Case 1

In the first instance, the plaintiff, Sherif M. Riad, aged 37, got injured at around 2.30 p.m. on 1st January 1997, according to court papers.

He was driving a Chevrolet and it became overheated close to Cumberland Street. According to his statement and court records, the plaintiff turned his hazard lights on and pulled to the side of the road to make an assessment concerning the overheating problem.

The court papers show that Riad stepped out of his car and went ahead to check under the car hood. His Chevrolet was then hit by a Volkswagen. This accident left him with 2 fractured legs and he was hospitalized for close to 6 weeks.
Riad hired a personal injury lawyer who assisted him in the legal process in suing the driver and the Volkswagen Company. The Volkswagen Company agreed to pay him $675,000 which saw the termination of the case.

Case 2

On 1st December 20 2013, 63 people were injured after a passenger train from the Metro North Company that was NYC-bound derailed in Bronx.

Officials stated that 7 cars damaged the trucks close to Hudson River while heading towards the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Bill Rockefeller told the officials that when he tried applying the brakes, they failed to respond when the train drew near a curve. The engineer sustained was among the injured people in the accident.

The train is said to have flogged around a corner just prior to the deadly derailment. The accident left 4 people dead and scores injured. An eye witness told reporters that she went the train was moving at an excessive speed which made him believe that the accident was due to human errors.

Kathleen Jones aged 60 who was traveling in the train at the time of the accident told reporters that there was a sudden bang and everybody went flying in different directions. She also said that people were being dragged on the ground as they landed on top of each other.

This case is still ongoing and most of the people from the affected families are very keen to see the type of judgment and/or settlement that will be agreed upon.


Many are the times that one may find him/herself in an accident or even with injuries sustained from various incidences. The wisest thing to do in such a scenario is to seek professional services from a personal services lawyer. This puts you at an advantage since a lawyer is well versed about the right legal procedures and plays a key role in helping you in determining the amount of insurance you should pay/ be paid by the other party. Whatever the type of injuries or accident you have been involved in, addressing it through the legal process is the best and safest way.

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