Five Teens Dead After a Car Accident in Conisbrough

Five Teens Dead After a Car Accident in Conisbrough

In the most recent past the rate of car accidents leaving people dead, others injured and property damaged has risen. In an incident in Conisbrough, a car accident left five teen students from South Yorkshire school dead which left their fellow students at the school devastated. The people living near the road where the accident occurred said that the road status was too dangerous and the speed limit should be lowered. The car accident involved a crash between two cars which collided on the road in South Yorkshire. The accident is said to happen about 100m (328ft) from a scene of another car accident which was witnessed in 2011 in which a car hit a tree and left three teenagers dead. The same road has claimed lives of two brothers a decade ago according to Joseph Gray who is a fruit vendor with Gray’s fruit Shop in Conisbrough. Gray added that motor vehicles are manufactured to travel and move too fast than is legal. He suggested that if there are speed limits on the cars a lot of accidents would be prevented and stopped. A teen man-aged 21 years old from Doncaster driving a black Vauxhall Corsa was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving which is believed to have caused the accident and deaths. However he was later released on bail. A wrongful death claim can be filed as a legal settlement for the car accident but clear evidence has to be first sought to determine the cause of the accident.

Eight People Hospitalized in Coomera

In another incident, 8 people one of them critically injured were taken to hospital after a sweltering car crash accident at Coomera. According to the police and witnesses, a truck involved in the crash ended up on the wrong side of the road and left debris spilled across many lanes of the road. The truck and a car were involved in the accident and the vehicle ended up being on fire leaving another 3 cars damaged. A critically injured woman suspected to be in her mid 30s was rushed to the Gold Coast University hospital in a critical and serious condition. She had severe injuries on the chest and lower leg. Four people from the incident were taken to Robina Hospital in a stable condition. Two men had arm cuts and a woman had back injuries whereas another person had burns on the wrist.

Car Accident Attorney

The above incidences of car accidents have left people dead, injured and property damaged. Car accident incidences lead to filling of claims on personal injury, car damages and property destruction in the court of law. However, there are legal procedures which should be followed to successfully have legal settlement and compensation from car accidents. Having emotional stress and injuries brings about stress on the process of legal settlement and therefore the situation calls for help. A car accident attorney is a professional with skills and experience to help car accident victims to easily go through the legal process and have maximum settlement or compensation. Compensations in such cases include; expenses, damages, pain and suffering among many others. Through consultations, the car accident attorneys will guide and give you the information you require in the court of law while helping you to make the stressful process easy and successful.

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