Five Kills in Car Accident After Trip to McDonals

Five Kills in Car Accident After Trip to McDonals

Five teenagers were killed in a car crash right after a night trip to McDonald’s this Saturday, and some of their friends paid tribute to them. The names and ages of those who died in the car crash are as follows: Blake Cairns – 16-year-old -, Arpad Kore – 18-year-old -, Jordanna Goodwin – 16-year-old -, Megan Storey – 16-year-old -, and 18-years-old Bartosz Bortniczak.

Danum Academy in Doncaster was shocked by the news, wherein tons of floral tributes were laid by a group of their friends. Four of the teenagers who died in the car crash were pupils of Danum Academy while one of them, Mr. Bortniczak, was just a former student. The car accident occurred near Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, just 5 miles from Danum Academy in Doncaster where even more flowers were left.

¨What happened really overwhelms me. I cannot believe this,” said Kate Speakman, a sixth-former.

Rebecca Staples, head of Danum Academy, said that the whole community felt the grief deeply and it has spread across the entire institution, and then she added that quiet rooms and counseling will be provided for their student this morning.

The driver, Mr. Bortniczak, lost control of the vehicle and then headed downhill on a bend and a vehicle that was coming in the opposite direction just slammed into their car`s side, which caused an incredible damage that killed the passengers. Foggy and damp conditions were part of the Saturday morning when the car crash occurred at 9.40pm.

Difficult Case for a Car Accident Lawyer

Police asked witnesses to state whether the driver was driving too fast. The teenagers were inside a Toyota Corolla that happened to follow a Vauxhall Corsa vehicle with just two friends inside. A Seat Leon hit the Toyota Corolla after the former slid sideways right into the opposite carriageway. The vehicle was driving right along an A630 road`s 60mph stretch.

The man who was driving the Seat only broke his leg. Police suspect the Corsa`s driver, a 21-year-old boy, caused the car crash. He turned around after stopping in order to help his friends, and then two of them died at the scene. The remaining three died in a hospital overnight. The driver of the Corsa was said to be traumatized and almost got crazy after witnessing the horror scene. He was not found with alcohol in his organism and then was released by the police now pending additional inquiries.

The two groups were said to have been to McDonald`s before the accident occurred. They were heading Denaby along the main road when the car accident happened. It is not already clear whether fog played an important role in the accident, Police said.

Even the Staff Was Involved

Danum Academy was said to have opened its doors wide open yesterday so that pupils would pay their respects. In fact, 70 pupils were seen comforting each other at this place. In addition, they brought flowers to the scene and were weeping while greeting each other. The school will have counselors available and opened books will be used to remember the event. The pupils have also been sharing memories of those who died and even the staff was involved. This case is difficult even for a car accident lawyer.

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