An exemplary accident attorney is the need of the hour

An exemplary accident attorney is the need of the hour

In a recently settled accident case, an insurance company is ready to pay the customers a sum of 3.5 million $ money, which is long pending. This is due to the effort of the accident attorney in Brooklyn, New York. The case has been going over for six years in the court and the claim is settled recently. The real issue was that the owner of the car who drove on the day of an accident on the road. The owner named Latta was driving her car under the influence of alcohol. The alcohol limit was high than the permissible limit and hence the fatal accident occurred. This happened in Pennsylvania. Latta and her friend were celebrating St.Patrick’s Day. Both of them were not in a good mental state due to alcohol and hence the car hit people on the road. This accident claimed four lives and left someone seriously injured.

Accident attorney involvement

A case was filed by the survivors of the incident and family of the deceased. The case ran on the court for the six years without any decision. The insurance company of the deceased did not want to pay the compensation amount to its customers stating some lame reasons. When the case was started, the insurance company did not pay attention as it was postponing the case continuously. Due to the accident lawyers’ effort and tireless concentration, the case achieved the results on a day in favor of the deceased. The case was framed against the insurance company in the United States for the insurance amount to the family members who are related to the dead ones due to the car accident on the court. All the evidence were submitted and those documents were exactly in favor of the deceased. A clear investigation about the accident case revealed that the accident was occurred due to the alcohol influence and hence the driver who drove the car was responsible.

The court ordered the insurance company to pay 3.5 million dollars to the affected people. The sum was divided accordingly to the injuries. The categories are seriously injured, moderately injured and dead. The families of the deceased and injured people have got the settlement due to the court. The amount was given to the people properly by clear direction of the lawyer. The insurance company was also given direction to pay the amount to the plaintiff’s suffering like legal fee and mental worries. So, everything is settled at present and the plaintiffs are happy now.

The court also ordered to take stringent measures against the drivers who drink and drive so that the future issues are averted. The court directed police to check the accident cases immediately in favor of the affected people and told them to submit the case at earliest to help the poor people without dragging for a long time. The judgment was also given taking the insurance company’s financial strength in mind. The case was over with the help of nine-judge panel to cope with the expectations of plaintiff and defendant. This case judgment gave a warning to the now paying insurance companies

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