An elderly Gets an Adequate Compensation for Her husband death.

An elderly Gets an Adequate Compensation for Her husband death.

Three people were killed while 2 were severely injured in a tragic car accident in Washington. Police preliminary reports indicated that the driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the pole before the car erupted into flames. According to the eyewitness, the driver was over speeding before losing control of his vehicle. Their accident caused traffic snarls causing motorists to wait for hours before police cleared the debris.

Further police reports indicated that the driver, Tom Wilson licensed had been suspended for three months for driving while drunk. “He was charged with drunk under influence 6 months ago,” the traffic boss said. Wilson licensed has been suspended for more than 3 times. According to the personal injury lawyer who arrived at the scene of an accident, it is very unfortunate when a driver causes accident more than two times and be allowed to drive. He advised the family who has lost their loved or has incurred injuries directly associated with the auto accident to claim for compensation by filing wrongful death lawsuit or injury lawsuit.

In another accident, an accident attorney has recovered $775,500 for a woman whose husband was killed in a car accident in 2008. According to police investigations, the elderly woman was at fault- police claimed the woman was over speeding when her vehicle was hit on the passenger side an incoming vehicle. Her husband (who was sitting in the passenger seat) was severely injured and succumbed to death while receiving treatment in a nearby hospital.

Although she claimed the other driver was at fault, the insurance provider for the oncoming vehicle blamed her and also denied her claim for wrongful death compensation. After few months, the woman contacted personal injury lawyer who took the claim seriously and worked to gather relevant evidence and witnesses that would help the woman get fair compensation. After 3 years carrying thorough investigation and litigation, her personal lawyer was able to prove beyond doubt that the other party was at fault and was able to recover $775, 5000. The woman admitted that it was not an easy task but her lawyer provided the legal presentation and advice to successfully claim compensation. The $775,500 compensation covered.

Funeral expenses – the elderly woman was compensated for the funeral expenses she incurred.

Medical expenses – she was compensated for the medical expenses incurred to treat the injuries she sustained after the accident.

Lost earning- because the woman was permanently injured, she was compensated for the lost wages.

Pain and suffering as well as lost companionship, the elderly woman was compensated for the pain and suffering she has undergone as well as the lost companionship.

File wrongful death or personal injury with accident attorney

If you have lost you’re loved, or you have incurred auto accident injuries, you are entitled to file wrongful death or injury lawsuit with an accident attorney. The attorney will gather evidence and witnesses that will see you get the fair and adequate compensation. You should file the lawsuit as soon as possible to ensure the evidence are not interfered with. The attorney will protect your rights and interests and also ensure you get the fair compensation that you are entitled to.

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